We all know Edward Norton is famous for featuring in the movie Fight Club. However, he did play a well-known Marvel character that some fans may not be knowing. But to cut to the chase Edward Norton is famous for playing Bruce Banner, aka Hulk in the movie The Incredible Hulk. Though all the standalone Hulk movies seem to hit a dead-end, fans are hoping to get a sequel for once.

Return to the MCU

Return to the MCU
Edward Norton is open to returning to MCU.

It turns out, Edward Norton is open to returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Norton gave an uncredited reworking of The Incredible Hulk’s script during his filming. As a result, there was a clash with Marvel over the final cut of the Incredible Hulk. The movie directed by Louis Leterrier is a followup to Marvel’s first independent blockbuster hit Iron Man.

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Edward Norton’s drama on the set leads him to be ousted from the role of Hulk. Mark Ruffalo then came in as a replacement. Though, it would be difficult to deny that Ruffalo did portray Hulk better. In 2010 upon replacing Norton, Marvel said in a statement that the choice was “definitely not one based on monetary factors.” The studio instead needed “an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit” of its Avengers ensemble.

Edward Norton Comments

Edward Norton Comments
Mark Ruffalo replaces Norton as the Hulk.

The award-winning actor recently appeared on Larry King Now. He was asked whether he would return to the Marvel Universe. Norton replies, “Yeah, why not? I had a lot of fun with it. I never made a movie like that.” When asked whether it came as a surprise that Marvel cast him as the Hulk, Norton answers, “No, I was a good fit for Bruce Banner. So is Mark Ruffalo, he’s fantastic.”

Edward Norton Comments
Norton thinks Ruffalo is fantastic.

“I mean, Mark and I came together in New York. He’s like one of the best, and people always try to create fake arguments and stuff. But it’s like doing Hamlet. The Hulk, it’s like, Bill Bixby was great, Eric Bana was great, I hope I was good, Mark’s great. I think it’s just one of those things a lot of great actors are gonna get to do.”
Hopefully, this time, MCU decides to make a sequel and keep up with its promises.

Source: Comicbook

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