The megastar, Madonna who has pushed the limits of music through her musical talent is now garnering attention for all the wrong reasons. The musician, who is referred to be the Queen of Pop had been sharing rather concerning posts on her social media handles which has worried the fans about her well-being.

The American musician Madonna

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Her recent social media activity is getting bizarre as the days are passing by. She recently uploaded yet another eerie video that made fans concerned about her. Her latest clip comes after hours of her video licking water from a dog bowl surfaced online.

Madonna Shared a Bizarre Clip on Instagram

Madonna shared an eerie clip on Instagram stories

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The 64-year-old singer has recently shared a clip on her Instagram story on Friday. Madonna could be seen staring peculiarly at the camera in a dark space from what seems to be a car.

In the background, her 1992 song, Waiting was being played with the same word written on her story as her clip plays.

Due to the dark space, her face was majorly spotted in the clip with the musician wearing simple makeup as seen in the video. Her plump lips were kept on display at some of the time in the clip. She also wore braids and sported a blue coat elevating her look with silver jewelry.

This is so far the latest clip that has surfaced online showing a “disturbing” behavior of the singer.

Madonna Called Out for Her Previous Bizarre Clips Uploaded on Her Social Media

The 64-year-old singer Madonna

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The mother of six had been showing off a different side of her on her social media platform. Due to that, she is getting major attention, especially for the video in which she was spotted drinking water from a dog bowl. Not only that, but she also posed s*xually with various objects.

That video left many fans shocked as they were not expecting that bizarre behavior from their idol. Many fans expressed their concern over many social media platforms including Twitter.

Check out the tweets below.

Some users shared their concern for Britney Spears as well along with the Like a Virgin singer regarding the singers’ Instagram posts and stories.

One fan was quite shocked over their idol’s recent behavior.

Some of the fans found it rather disappointing and embarrassing because of her recent crude behavior.

Not just that, she had also posted a series of concerning videos in which she expressed her thoughts in quite a different way. In one video, she danced in lingerie while in another, she was rapping about punching people in their faces. Due to these recent activities, fans from across the world are very concerned about her well-being.

Source: Instagram

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