While Taylor Swift may have her fair share of nemeses in the industry, she also has a large group of friends who always have her back. From Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to the Haim sisters and even Oscar-winner Emma Stone, Swift’s pals only want the best for the global sensation.

However, not all of Swift’s friends have picked sides since Swift split from her boyfriend of 6 years, Joe Alwyn. The two kept their relationship pretty private throughout the years and the real cause of their breakup remains unknown. Sources close to the two celebrities claimed that their relationship had run its course.

Emma Stone Praises Co-Star Joe Alwyn

Emma Stone in The Favourite
Emma Stone in The Favourite

Taylor Swift’s friend Emma Stone and her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn have worked together on two projects now. The first one was the period drama movie The Favourite, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. The 2018 flick followed the Queen of England’s frail condition and how two cousins come to aid her in daily matters of the court. The title is justified when we learn that the actual race is to be the Queen’s favorite.

Now, the two actors are coming together again for another Lanthimos’ movie Kinds of Kindness. In a press release shared by the production house, Stone appreciates Alwyn and his sweet personality as it helped them get through some tough scenes in the movie. Despite Swift’s breakup with Alwyn, Stone has not let it affect her work and her professional relationship with Alwyn. According to People, Stone claimed,

“I love Joe. We had to do some pretty dark stuff on this one, so it was extremely comforting to be with him because he’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.”

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Joe Alwyn in The Favourite
Joe Alwyn in The Favourite

Despite Swift’s other friends including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds unfollowing Alwyn on Instagram shortly after meeting Swift for dinner, Stone remains unbiased in her view. Swift was spotted having dinner with her group of friends over a couple of weeks following the split, shortly after which they unfollowed Alwyn on social media.

What is Kinds of Kindness About?

Emma Stone and Joe Alwyn in Kinds of Kindness
Emma Stone and Joe Alwyn in Kinds of Kindness

After the immense success of Poor Things including Oscar nominations and wins, Lanthimos is back with a movie that stands out in his filmography. The contemporary movie has an ensemble cast and promises a thought-provoking message that charts the types of people and their journeys in the world. The movie appears to be an intersection of different people and their stories.

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Kinds of Kindness follows a man who tries to die, a man whose wife comes back after going missing, and a woman who aspires to be a spiritual leader. Such interesting stories combined with Lanthimos’s unique perspective on personalities are bound to be another successful venture for Stone and the other star cast.

Kinds of Kindness is set to release on June 21, 2024.

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