Emma Watson is one of the most gifted actors working in Hollywood today. She also undoubtedly has a sense good of humor, but in a movie from a few years ago, it seems there was a line she wasn’t willing to cross. The Harry Potter star reportedly left the set in the middle of the scene because she felt that things had gotten a little out of hand.

Yes, we’re referring to Seth Rogen’s 2013 movie This Is the End. It centered on a group of Los Angeles celebrities who were trapped in James Franco’s home during the end of the world. According to reports, Watson left the set after an awkward encounter with Channing Tatum, who plays the lead role. The English actress and activist had the longest celebrity cameo in This Is The End. Other stars included Rihanna, Aziz Ansari, and Mindy Kaling.

Emma Watson as Sam
Emma Watson as Sam

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Emma Watson felt disrespected in This is the End film scene

Emma Watson struggled with a big issue with one of the scenes, even though she ended up being in the movie. It’s not entirely clear what pushed her over the edge because it involved more than a few questionable elements. It appears that the film is all about the rapture that claimed the killing of a large number of people on the scene. In one of the scenes, where Channing Tatum is pulled by a chain, Danny McBride is the leader of a gang of cannibals. He looks a lot like the gimp from Pulp Fiction because of the way he is dressed. 

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

Emma Watson reportedly knew about the scene beforehand, but once she saw it taking place and was right in the middle of it, she reportedly decided she couldn’t be a part of it, according to Seth Rogen in an interview.  She basically left the set after telling the director (Rogen) she wouldn’t be able to complete the task. He is quick to point out that this was only a disagreement over this one scene, not some larger personal or professional issue between the two. Even so, Watson played a part in the movie. 

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Channing Tatum was drunk while filming the scene

Even though the scene was already quite unbearable, Channing Tatum‘s alleged drinking while filming made it worse. The actress reportedly became upset by this and decided to quit. The extra claims,

“Came back the next day and found out she quit because the scene was too raunchy, and she was really pissed that Channing was drinking while filming.

“He was obviously smoking weed as well. But who can blame her right? She has a good image to uphold. But her quitting made last night filled with Emma jokes.”

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

Also, as Tatum used to throw some punch lines at the actress, she reportedly ended up being the butt of the joke. “Channing said we were stepping in Emma’s tears,” she continued, “and the ground was wet and muddy.” Well, Emma Watson’s role or lack thereof in This Is the End wasn’t the main attraction. Rather, it was one of many pleasant surprises in this fantastic and hilarious ensemble piece.  

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