As Marvel fans sit tight for Avengers: Endgame to arrive and answer all the questions that Infinity War left us with, the fan speculations about how Endgame will play out have been dropping constantly, and are mined from pretty much each and every detail conceivable in Infinity War. A standout amongst the most prominent fixations is the manner by which the Infinity Gauntlet will be crushed, and today brings a theory that one apparently dead Avenger could be the key.

Here’s the contention for why The Vision will be the person who at last stops Thanos’ rule of dread with the Infinity Stones:

You can peruse the full theory that is making the rounds on Reddit, however, the general premise of it has to do with how Vision really dies twice in the climactic act of Avengers: Infinity War, and how every one of those passings played out. Fundamentally, the first time around, Scarlet Witch utilizes her powers to make the Mind Stone detonate, which thus makes Vision’s whole body explode into pieces, thereby murdering him. However, after Thanos uses the Time Stone to turn the time back on Vision’s death, the Mad Titan basically comes to down and pulls the Mind Stone from Vision’s head, leaving his body as a gray, void husk.

Here’s where things get dubious! The Reddit hypothesis theorizes that Vision by one way or another moved his psyche into the Mind Stone, and has been subtly affecting Thanos. Along these lines, the characters crumbled in the Snap will be revealed as not being completely dead, as Vision/Mind Stone influenced Thanos to accomplish something less destructive, even while obstructing the Mad Titan’s consciousness of the merciful act. It would then be Vision’s awareness that gives the MCU hero a favourable position at an urgent moment in Avengers: Endgame – like how Thanos was mind-gamed by Adam Warlock at a key minute in the first Infinity Gauntlet funnies.

That is a greater jump of an assumption, than we will make, but that doesn’t mean the theory is absolutely off the stamp. Amid Infinity War’s sequence in Wakanda paving the way to the fight with the Black Order’s army, Vision is taken to Shuri so as to have the Mind Stone securely separated from his head. During that symptomatic review, Bruce Banner theorises that Vision has developed into something far beyond than what he was when he started in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Bruce believes that Vision is part Mind Stone, part Tony Stark, part Ultron, part J.A.R.V.I.S., and likely more noteworthy than the whole of those parts, which is the reason he could hypothetically live on without the Mind Stone.

It pursues then that Vision may have turned out to be strong enough to download himself into the Mind Stone without losing his unique cognizance, and in this manner, could uncover a shortcoming in the Infinity Stones’ circuit of power.

Vision is Alive from r/marvelstudios

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