Now that fans have gotten their first look at Avengers: Endgame, opinions and theories regarding the film are flying across the internet. The fans are already excited about the film and many fans are pouring over every second of the trailer for clues as to what happens to Avengers. However, one theory suggests that it’s not the future that matters, but the past.

With a snap of his fingers, Thanos wiped out half the existence including many of our favourite superheroes. Now, according to one fan theory, all of this could be undone by Marvel’s least expected heroes. When a film’s plot includes a stone that alters the flow of time, is a safe bet time travel will be crucial in undoing the tragic events.

According to Reddit user, ak2sup takes note of the final shot of the trailer in which Black Widow and Captain America are viewing a footage of Scott Lang who appears to be at the gate of the Avengers compound. As Scott looks at the camera, ”
While it seems that their reactions are simply based on their disbelief that Scott is still alive, further examination of the footage suggests that there might be more to it.

Scott first mentioned that they met “a few years ago”, with reference to events of 2016’s Civil War. While this tracks the time passed between Civil War and Endgame, there’s something more to this. A close examination shows the word “archive” in the top corner, suggesting that Cap might be right to suggest that it was an old footage. There are also numbers next to it, although they’re obscured, seem to read “1983”. This theory posits that Ant-Man has somehow managed to travel back in time, providing a vital key to undo the damage caused by Thanos.

In the first Ant-Man film, Scott was shown plans of the Avengers compound and told by Hank Pym that it was “one of Howard’s old storage facilities”. When Ant-Man reached, he was surprised to see that it was the newly developed Avengers HQ. Given the footage shows an old style gate with a lock and chain, it’s possible that Lang has travelled back to a time when the building belonged to Howard Stark, and buzzed the door not realising where he was.

But how would he have travelled back in time? The last time we saw Ant-Man, he was stuck inside the Quantum Realm, as Janet van Dyne, Hope, and Hank Pym turned to dust after Thanos’ snap. Earlier, Janet told him, “Don’t get sucked into a time vortex; we won’t be able to save you.” Is that what happened to him? Did he get stuck in a time vortex and spit out in 1983?

The van we see behind Scott is his ExCon van, a vehicle that houses a Quantum tunnel device. This theory suggests that the van is merely a trailer trickery, much like we saw Thor with two eyes in early Infinity War footage, so as to not spoil Ragnarok, which hadn’t released at that time.

If Ant-Man is able to travel back in time by using the Quantum Realm, then it could be the plan Cap and Black Widow talk about earlier in the trailer.

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