Ever since Netflix release Enola Holmes, viewers have gone crazy over the movie.

The cast in itself is brilliant – starring Millie Bobby Brown in the titular character. Accompanying her are Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin as her older brothers – Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. And along with these three, are veteran actors like Helena Bonham Carter and Fiona Shaw, as well as a newcomer in Louis Partridge.

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Based on the Young Adult book by Nancy Springer of the same name, the movie is full of mystery, a lot of action, some really witty remarks, and a lot of charm. I mean, the movie is full of British people, did you really expect less?

Along with the movie, came the tweets. Twitter was flooded with memes – mostly full of appreciation. And we tried to bring you some of the very best of the lot. Here are 15 tweets to make you laugh, if you enjoyed Enola Holmes as much as we did.

  1. We can’t really disagree, though. I wouldn’t even be surprised if someone opened a sole twitter account in appreciation of Henry’s curls in this movie.

  2. https://twitter.com/prtridgelou/status/1310805699027369984

    Another hair appreciation tweet – this time for the young lad. Louis Partridge was an absolute sweetheart in this film.

  3. Speaking of Partridge – Sorry Kavi, but you got competition. The Netflix crown for the specially charming and heart melting smile has been taken away from peter Kavinsky, and been given to Viscount Tewkesbury.

  4. The plot really is good. But I can’t believe this user did not include Sam Claflin to the list! I mean, okay, Mycroft could do with being a little less uptight, but Claflin? He needs to e a part of that list.

  5. I mean, I can see the appeal. The Holmes family really is something, it seems.

  6. The curls are back. BvS who? It’s Cavill vs. Curls time now – they got that right!

  7. Sorry Stranger Things, but Drake knows what’s right. In all fairness, Tewkesbury and Enola really do make a really lovely pair.

  8. 2020 10 13
    Gender role reversal, and we are so here for it. Especially for this film!
  9. This was probably one of the best dialogues from this movie. Really!

  10. We all did Anna. We all watched it.

  11. With the curls again. It seems people really can’t get enough of them. And we can’t really fault them for it!

  12. As many as they would like, we are here for it. Let’s go!

  13. Ferris Bueller in a whale bone corset is absolutely right!

  14. She can do the distant aunt. But we all can maybe join in as extras. Right?

And finally! This is probably one of the best memes to have come out of that movie. Superman stole Batman’s dialogue! Oh well…

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