Enola Holmes, Netflix’s latest movie, is quickly gaining popularity among the viewers. It offers an engaging story with tension, action, thriller, and humor. The film is full of characters with their unique roles, but the Holmes family stands out. It looks like being not, and intelligent is in their blood.

Enola Holmes is a film in which the protagonist tries to find out the truth. Just after reading the name, fans are rem Sherlock Holmes and his investigative skills. The lead in this type of movie should be able to outsmart the bad guys. Let us find out how smart Enola Holmes when compared to her family members.


# 4 Mycroft Holmes

Myckroft Holmes
Myckroft looking proud in the hat.

Mycroft Holmes is the eldest Holmes sibling. Mycroft Holmes, in the movie, works for the British government. So, we can say that he is intelligent for sure; if not he can not be working for the British government. He possesses good investigative skills, but he is not as good as EnolaHomes. Mycroft has his moments in the film and his role is well performed.


# 3 Eudoria Holmes

Eudoria Holmes
Beautiful Eudoria Holmes smiling


Eudoria is the mother of Enola and has taught her well. Enola Holmes has learned all her skills from her mother, but she’s even smarter than Eudoria. She quickly realizes what’s going on with the young Viscount and why someone is after his life. In this case, we can say that Enola’s investigative skills have a better chance of solving the mystery. Yet, we cannot forget that Eudoria raised a smart, intelligent, and independent daughter. Like mother, like daughter. Even if Eudoria is not a professional investigator, she does a great job in the movie.


# 2 Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes
Enola Holmes patiently waiting with a calm face


Regardless of being so young, Enola is knowledgeable and well-educated. The fantastic part is that she knows how to put things together. The knowledge she has gained is displayed when she starts the search for her mother. Even her enemies are shocked by the smartness she displays. Enola is not rash and thinks before acting. Her deduction skills aren’t quite on the same level as her older brother Sherlock despite the age difference. Enola, with her smartness, courage, and investigative skills, can one day reach the level of Sherlock. But she has a long way to go before that happens.


# 1 Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes sitting on a garden bench

Henry Cavill has played Sherlock Holmes in the film. He is already a well-established and famous detective even before Enola started her investigation. It is safe to assume that he has gained his popularity for something. Sherlock steps aside and lets Enola solve the mystery of their mother’s disappearance and the truth surrounding her. Considering his investigative skills, if he wanted, he could solve the issues faster than Enola. All the Homes are smart and intelligent, but Sherlock is even better, and his years of experience give him an edge over others.


We can say that the film has performed as per the expectation, if not better. Enola is a smart girl who will unravel even more mysteries in the future. Her active and deductive skills will improve with time and can make her a famous detective. 



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