Warlord Kro is not the only super villain the Eternals movie might be introducing to the MCU. Many more powerful forces of evil may be making their debut in MCU Phase 4 & beyond.

The Dreaming Celestial

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The Dreaming Celestial was once known as Tiamut The Communicator. His job was the report the findings of planetary expeditions to the cosmic entity called the Fulcrum. While surveying Earth, Tiamut decreed that the Celestials had broken protocol and fought back. The rest of the Celestials defeated him and imprisoned him deep inside Earth. The Dreaming Celestial longs to finish what he  started – destroy Earth and harvest all its life energy. Maybe that is why the Eternals have come to Earth – the Dreaming Celestial has awoken from his deep slumber.


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In the comics, Druig’s alignment with the benevolent Eternals race is flimsy at best. Barry Keoghan’s character is known to be a villain at times, only ever doing anything to do his own bidding. At one point of time, Druig was a spy for the KGB. Another time period saw him assume the role of a torture specialist and a tyrant. His greatest skill is his ability to brainwash people. He could be the one manipulating the entire thing from behind the curtains, pulling the strings of the Deviants to attack the Eternals.

Dark Celestials

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The Dark Celestials are a different breed of Celestials that are infected by the Horde. They are known to be much more powerful than regular Celestials and have a penchant for chaos and destruction. The Celestials spared Earth because they believed Earth had the potential to develop an anti-dote to defeat the Horde and the Dark Celestials. The Eternals coming to earth so suddenly may implicate that the said anti-dote is ready and they are here to harvest it.

The Horde


The Horde is a super-species that eats and harvests everything. These insect like beings answer only to the Fulcrum, a cosmic entity who actively works with them and the Celestials to maintain cosmic balance. The Horde may be working for the Fulcrum but they have gone rogue a lot of times, harvesting planets and destroying civilizations to satiate their hunger. They even went as far as infecting other Celestials, turning them into Dark Celestials. The Horde may have targeted the Earth for harvesting after the events of Infinity War & Endgame.


Maelstrom is a unique genetic hybrid of the Eternals and the Inhumans. He is insane but also a genius. When Maelstrom was a kid, he was pushed into the slave pits while he watched his mother get killed. After being saved by his Inhuman father, they now plot a revenge against the Deviants and the Inhumans. Maelstrom’s ability is kinetic energy absorption, which he uses to create force fields, project energy, enhance his physical attributes, change his size, and even make himself smarter. He is a very skilled geneticist and biologist.


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Ghaur is an evil High Priest hailing from the Deviant City of Toads of the Kingdom of Lemuria. A highly ambitious individual, Ghaur had the successor to the dissenting throne of the Kingdom killed so that he could establish his own rule. He later put Kro on the throne as a figurehead as he controlled everything from behind the scenes. Ghaur uses scheming and manipulation to get things done. The High Priest is also an ally to the Dreaming Celestial.


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Thane is the son of Thanos and another Inhuman woman hailing from a rogue tribe. His Inhuman powers make him a force to be reckoned with. His left hand can alter the very state of existence, killing anything he touches. Thane’s right hand creates amber like constructs that can traop others in a state of “living death”. As the son of Thanos, Thane regularly jumps from being the good guy to a super villain. Having the Eternals fight the son of Thanos may be good foreshadowing for things to come in the MCU.


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If the Eternals are coming, expect the Celestials to show up in the movie too. And if that happens, expecting the entity the Celestials fought to create the Universe as we know it to show up is not a long shot. Knull ruled over the Void that existed before there was any light. The Celestials tried taking up his territory and the dark God fought back, creating the powerful Necro-Sword and a symbiote army to aid him. Knull’s entry to the MCU may also signal the debut of Venom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Dragon Of The Moon

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The Dragon of the Moon is closely associated with Eternals’ history. Hailing from an ancient race of demonic beings, the Dragon was the one that incited the Eternals’ Civil War that almost wiped out the Eternals. It was him who corrupted Thanos and turned him into a super villain. The Dragon of the Moon could secretly be the reason Titan fell in the MCU, something even Thanos wouldn’t have firsthand knowledge of.

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