There have been a number of Captain Marvels over the past years. As we get ready to see Brie Larson bringing the current version of Captain Marvel on big screen. But the first one to be called Captain Marvel was Billy Batson who said the word Shazam! to transform into Captain Marvel. After a costly legal battle, DC won the rights to the character from Fawcett Comics and since then both Marvel and DC has launched a lot of heroes named Captain Marvel.
Today we will rank the top 6 Captain Marvel, ever. Brace yourself, folks! Okay, nothing that exciting but here you go!

6. Mary Marvel
This came up way back in 1942 when we got introduced by Mary Marvel who was Billy Batson’s sister. She had a similar power skill set like her brother. She came back again in 1990 alongside her brother.
She also served in the Justice League and took Billy’s place in the reformed Justice League. She even got more powers from Black Adam after she lost them completely in the mid-2000’s.

5. Genis-Vell
He was Mar-vell’s son and briefly became Captain Marvel and he even destroyed the universe once and almost became a villain. Well, obviously you can’t get away like a hero with something that atrocious. Anyway, he was created in 1993 and had several cosmic powers and worked as an intergalactic hero.
He operated as Captain Marvel like his father, Mar-vell and was bonded with a human named Rick Jones. He slowly drove insane and wished to recreate the universe all over again.

4. Monica Rambeau
Here is the most underrated Captain Marvel. She was created in 1982 after got hit with a blast of extra dimensional energy and it turned her into a really powerful hero.
She joined Avengers as Captain Marvel and was there during the 80’s and then she became Spectrum after she left the team.

3. Mar-vell
He was a key player in Marvel’s cosmos and was created way back in 1967. He started with being a spy sent to Earth by the Kree. He slowly turns nice and he gets against the bad guys and well, settled for Earth to be his home. He then came to be known as Captain Marvel.
He worked with Avengers and had some amazing alien powers.

2. Carol Danvers
She’s been Captain Marvel since 2012 and well, she’s going to be a part of MCU very soon. She came in Marvel in 1968 and since then she has joined Avengers before losing her powers. She became to be known as Binary till she was powerless but gained them all back later.
We’re sure of her bright future in Marvel with her anticipation in Avengers 4.

1. Shazam
While Carol can be MCU’s strongest Avenger, she’s no match for Shazam! He was created in 1940 by Fawcett Comics where Billy Batson had the ability to transform into a superpowerful being called Captain Marvel by saying Shazam!
He went on to become the world’s mightiest mortals.
The character had a great sense of humour which made him a fan favourite. Although he’s known as Shazam now, he’ll always be the original Captain Marvel! Would ya agree?

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