Demon Slayer features quite a variety of breathing techniques, which have been created from nature and emotions. Throughout the anime, we have seen a quite number of breathing styles, and Ufotable Studio has done an excellent job of animating all those breathing styles so beautifully.

In order to defeat the demons who cause havoc at night, Demon Slayers use this breathing style, as it is the only technique they have that can kill demons. There are a total of 14 breathing styles, from which, 13 have been derived from the original breathing style, Sun Breathing. However, we will only be ranking those shown so far in the anime.

9. Insect Breathing: The Poisonous Breathing Style

Every Demon Slayer Breathing Technique, Ranked According to Ferocity
Shinobu Kocho (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

Insect Breathing is the most gentle breathing style in all of the 14 breathing. Shinobu used this in the Natagumo Mountain arc for the first in the series to defeat the Daughter Spider Demon.

She gently cuts the spider demon’s neck, and lets her by the poison she embedded at the tip of her sword. The Insect Breathing is derived from the water style, and Shinobu is the only known character to have used it.

8. Love Breathing: The Emotion of love

Love Breathing
Mitsuri (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

Love Breathing is created by the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, herself by doing some changes in the flame breathing which she learned from Kyojiro Rangoku. This technique requires flexibility above all.

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We have seen Mitsuri use this for the first time in the Swordsmith Village arc, where she played a major role in fighting the Upper-Rank Four, Hantengu. Since Mitsuri uses a whip-like katana, it doesn’t make demons suffer while exorcising them. 

7. Mist Breathing: The Stealthiest Breathing Style

tokito muichiro s
Tokito Muichiro (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

Mist Breathing is considered one of the stealthiest and swiftest breath techniques. We have seen Muichiro Tokito use this for the first time in Swordsmith Village Arc, where he defeated the Upper Moon 5, Gyokko, using it. 

Derived from the Wind style, Mist Breathing channels strong mist around the user so that he can’t be seen by the enemies. There are a total of seven known styles of it, and we have seen, Tokito use every single one of them in Swordsmith Village Arc.

6. Water Breathing: The Calmest Breathing Style

Water Breathing
Tanjiro Kamado (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

Water Breathing is known as the most common breathing style out of all 14 breathing techniques, as it is quite easy to learn by beginners. Due to the simplicity of this style, it has over eleven forms, only second to the Moon Breathing, which has sixteen forms.

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The calm nature of this breathing style, makes it place on the 4th spot. The most peaceful form of Water Breathing is the fifth and the eleventh form. Tanjiro used the fifth form to defeat the mother of the spider demon, and Giyu used the eleventh form to defeat Rui. 

5. Beast Breathing: The Wildest Breathing Style

Beast Breathing
Inosuke (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

Inosuke Hashibira invented the Beast Breathing by himself and even honed to use it properly. This breathing style relies on the senses and movements of the user. And since Inosuke has been brought up in the mountains, his human senses have developed quite well. 

Beast Breathing is one of the most fearsome techniques, and instead of calling it forms, it is always referred to as “fangs” by Inosuke in Demon Slayer.

4. Sound Breathing: The Explosive Breathing Style

Tengen Uzui (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

Sound Breathing was first shown in the anime in the Entertainment District arc, where Tengen Uzui used it to defeat Upper-Rank Six, Gyutaro, alongside Tanjiro. Uzui is the only Sound Breathing user that has been shown in the series.

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This breathing style totally depends on the sense of hearing called Musical Score. So, being a shinobi makes Uzui the perfect candidate to master it. He uses two gigantic nunchucks joined together, which possess a large amount of explosive power in it. Other than, Gyutaro, no one has lived after being hit by it.

3. Thunder Breathing: The Swiftest Breathing Style

Thunder Breathing
Zenitsu (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

Thunder Breathing stands out as the swiftest technique shown in anime so far, as it only takes about a second for its user to reach his opponent while using it. 

We have only seen Zenitsu use it in anime so far, and that is only when he is asleep. Due to its swiftness, it makes Thunder Breathing a dangerous technique to use against the demons, as not everyone is as quick as Akaza.

2. Flame Breathing: The Most Powerful Breathing Style

Kyojiro Rengoku (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

The burning ability of Flame Breathing makes it quite a formidable technique to use against demons, and that is why it also ranked in the 2nd spot on the list.

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Rengoku was the only demon slayer that we had seen using flaming breathing. He used it during his fight against Azaka. Though, even flame breathing was enough to defeat the mighty Akaza.

1. Sun Breathing: The Original Breathing Style

tanjiro Sun Breathing
Tanjiro using Hinokami Kagura, aka Sun Breathing (Credits: Ufotable Studio)

When it comes to breathing style, nothing comes close to Sun Breathing. Even the demon king, Muzan, fears this breathing style. Sun breathing was the only breathing style in the Sengoku period, and only Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the creator of this style, knew how to use it. The technique was later passed to the Kamado family by Yoriichi.

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