Fans can’t get enough of One Piece‘s live-action Netflix adaptation, which has become a massive hit. One Piece is getting a ton of praise from both fans and critics, in contrast to many other anime-to-live-action projects that frequently fall short. The series is becoming more and more popular all around the world. What’s truly impressive is how well-versed fans of the original manga and anime as well as brand-new viewers are responding to the show.

One Piece
One Piece

Fans are anxiously anticipating the release of season 2. However, one of the cast members, Emily Rudd, has no idea about some of the basic concepts of her own Netflix series.

Emily Rudd’s knowledge of One Piece is limited

One Piece is the most anticipated and exciting Netflix show of the year. Both manga fans and non-fans are buzzing over the live-action adaptation. Therefore, it makes complete sense that fans would Google their favorite show. But what surprised many was how clueless one of the show’s cast members was about some of the basic concepts of the series. The actress who plays Nami on the show, Emily Rudd, appears to need to be more familiar with some of its basic details.

50 of the most popular One Piece questions on Google were addressed by the cast of the show. “What is the significance of the letter ‘D’ in the show?” was a question that was posed. Rudd responded. While Rudd’s statement that it is the “Will of D” is accurate, what she went on to say was incorrect. She clarified by stating that the show’s main characters have arguably unbreakable wills. But because her response was incorrect, a buzzer sounded, and the correct response showed on the screen. While the “Will of D” may exist, it does not imply unbreakable will. The letter “D” means that they are the natural enemies of the Gods of this world, One Piece world, I mean.

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Emily Rudd as Nami
Emily Rudd as Nami

The same thing happened when the Grand Line question was raised. When asked, “What is the Grand Line?”, Rudd described it as a “Treacherous stretch of ocean filled with bigger pirates, bigger monsters, and ripe with riches.” The Grand line is where the real One Piece is hidden, according to the real explanation. Oops! Looks like someone should have done their homework.

Anime had a huge influence on Emily Rudd’s life

Emily Rudd, who plays Nami in the One Piece Live Action Adaptation, spoke candidly about her journey and experience in a recent interview with Netflix Geeked. She spoke on the huge influence anime has had on her life and on her work as an actress. She was heavily influenced by classic anime series like Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z as a child, and her love of Japanese works is clear. She also spoke about her current engagement with revisiting One Piece and enjoying Demon Slayer‘s. Although she clearly loves anime, some fans couldn’t help but notice that her knowledge of One Piece, the very series she is now a part of, appeared to be somewhat limited.

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Emily Rudd
Emily Rudd

It’s an interesting discussion if actors should be die-hard fans of the original work. While some argue that actors should be judged on their professional abilities to bring characters to life, others counter that actors should be judged on their sincere passion for the original property. It’s a delicate balance, but in the case of the One Piece Live Action Adaptation, it appears like the cast is truly enthusiastic about the work. Even though they might not be completely familiar with the One Piece universe.

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