American actor Ben Affleck has acted in many popular movies such as Batman v Superman and Gone Girl. However, his talents are not limited to acting alone as he has also directed some of the best movies of all time. The first movie in whose making he was involved was 1997’s Good Will Hunting which Affleck co-wrote and starred in with his beloved friend Matt Damon.

The Armageddon actor made his directorial debut with the 2007 feature film Gone Baby Gone which received rave reviews. While he has directed some great movies over the years, his initial decision to become a director wasn’t received well and he was pretty upset about it.

Ben Affleck as Bat Man
Ben Affleck as Bat Man

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Ben Affleck Got A Cold Shoulder from Other Actors

Ben Affleck is undoubtedly one of the best directors in Hollywood, but he was given a cold shoulder by the actors he was working with. When he was asked about this in an interview, he said: 

“I’m not one of the guys any more. I remember I was walking over to the house guests and I heard one of the guys talking about getting stoned – I think somebody had brought something into the house – and as I arrived everybody clammed up. I thought “When did I become this guy? What am I, the dad?” I’m an a**hole all of a sudden.”

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Given how successful Affleck has been in his directing career, the cold treatment he received from the other actors seems to be worth it. While the crime drama The Town garnered the BAFTA Award for Best Director, 2012’s political thriller Argo earned him the BAFTA and Academy Award for Best Picture. 

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Ben Affleck Gave a Hard Time to His Argo Co-Stars 

Ben Affleck in Argo
Ben Affleck in Argo

Ben Affleck is a bit of a stickler when it comes to the rules while he is directing a movie. So much so that he not only took away the phones of the six actors who were going to play the roles of the six U.S. diplomats held hostage in Tehran in the movie Argo but also locked them together in the studio with magazines, newspapers and records from the Seventies.

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When one of the actors, Tate Donovan who played the role of Bob Anders in the movie, insisted on having a yoga mat, Affleck strictly prohibited it saying that Donovan’s character was a 48-year-old man working in the U.S. state department having nothing to do with a yoga mat.

The Air actor isn’t even easy on himself when he stars in the movie he directs. To get into the character for Argo, he grew out his hair and beard which he insisted was one of the worst looking things to ever see. He also immersed himself in Iranian culture like he made the other actors do.

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