Jennifer Lopez recently shared some details of her and husband Ben Affleck’s second wedding in Georgia. In the latest edition of her On the JLo newsletter, the singer talked about the “unexpected setbacks” they faced that almost ruined their wedding. She revealed that the weather was not ideal for the wedding and they suffered from “stomach bugs.” The two got married at Ben Affleck’s Georgia property on August 20th.

Jennifer Lopez shared details from her second wedding

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married again in Georgia

In the latest edition of her On the JLo newsletter, Jennifer Lopez shared more information about her second wedding with Ben Affleck in Georgia. She wrote,

“It had rained at sunset every day that week. Everyone was worried about the heat, the aptly named ‘love bugs,’ the details, would the guests all arrive on time, etc. — not to mention the thunder and lightning that arrived almost on cue each day at the exact time the ceremony was supposed to start that Saturday.”

The two got engaged and married in July in Las Vegas then went to Paris for their honeymoon. They got married again in presence of their friends and family in Georgia on 20th August.

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She further added that they suffered from “stomach bugs”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s second wedding

The singer further talked about “unexpected setbacks” they faced during the wedding season,

“Oh, and all of us caught a stomach bug and were recuperating ‘til late in the week, that, and along with a few other unexpected setbacks, had all the makings of a doozie of a wedding weekend.”

The singer also revealed that the gorgeous dress was by Ralph Lauren and the jewelry cost over $2 million.

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Fans were not happy that they got married at Ben Affleck’s Georgia property

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Wedding Celebration
Ben Affleck’s Georgia property

People on social media were not happy with the fact that the couple held their event at Ben Affleck’s 87-acre property in Georgia because it was designed to look like a plantation in the Antebellum south. It was also revealed in the Finding Your Roots series that Benjamin Cole, an ancestor of Ben Affleck, reportedly owned multiple enslaved African-Americans. The couple spent roughly $400K on their wedding celebrations which lasted for 3 days.

Source: GeoTV

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