Remember Borat?

That journalist from a fictitious Kazakhstan who wanted to make a documentary on the United States of America?

Well, he is back!

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen as an actor is like a chameleon. He has the ability to adapt himself into his roles so well, that people don’t even recognize him at times.

He has incorporated this asset into many of the characters he played through the years, including Borat.

Although highly successful, Borat was also highly criticized when the movie got released.

The director of the movie Larry Charles, a few other executives as well as Cohen himself was sued for making it.

And the movie was banned in many countries, including Kazakhstan.

Cohen in Borat 'mankinis'

The character of Borat was initially created for a show called Da Ali G Show and appeared in all its episodes.

But in the film, we see Borat travelling to the USA to make a documentary. He gets into crass and hilarious situations throughout the length of the movie.

He goes as far as kidnapping Pamela Anderson, who Borat falls in love with after watching Baywatch, for a cultural “marriage”.

Cohen interviews people who actually think of him as a legitimate reporter and gets into an unsavory situation all the time. He makes rude remarks, is a sexist as well as anti-Semitic.

Now, a decade and a half later, Cohen is bringing the character back to life.

Still from Borat 2

In August, a fan spotted Cohen in his Borat ensemble, driving a truck while a separate car with a film crew followed him on the road.

Now the news circulating is that Cohen has even finished shooting for the whole movie without people even knowing that he was making this sequel.

Although the plot of the movie is more or less undisclosed, and no one knows for sure who funded the movie, Cohen has apparently already screened Borat 2 for a select few people in the industry.

Unfortunately with how much the first movie and the character of Borat blew up, it would be a little difficult for Cohen to play the little known Kazakh journalist this time around.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat

One source even said this will be like “Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen”, while another has refuted this particular statement.

It apparently observes Borat, accepting he is currently popular due to the first film, and disguising himself so as to talk with individuals without raising any suspicion.

Although it is unclear when the movie will be made public, it is being speculated that it well before the United States Election, to encourage young voters to exercise their civil rights and vote.

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