When comic book fans think of a superhero with the incredible ability to move at superhuman speeds, the image of The Flash (aka the Scarlet Speedster) appears. However, everyone’s favorite speedy superhero turns out to be even more powerful than we thought. There’s more to his story than just running really, really fast.

The secretthe Speed Forcebehind his lightning speed gives him a whole bunch of extra abilities on top of his incredible quickness. The Speed Force is a fictional concept from DC Comics.

Ezra Miller as the titular character in The Flash (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)
Ezra Miller as the titular character in The Flash (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

It is the primary reason behind all sorts of extra powers of DC Flash characters like Barry Allen, Wally West, and Jesse Quick. And guess what else? The Speed Force is so powerful that it even gives Barry Allen the ability to take on Superman! But even with all that power, he is still underestimated.

Ezra Miller’s Flash Deserves More Spotlight

A still from The Flash Vs. Superman in Justice League (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)
A still from The Flash Vs. Superman in Justice League (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Comic book fans often argue over who would win in a fight: Superman or the Flash? Superman is very strong and almost indestructible, so he usually gets the vote. But the Flash has a secret move called the infinite mass punch.

This move involves the Flash vibrating super fast, gathering a ton of energy, and then BAM! – in just one mega punch. According to ComicsUnlocked, the force of this punch is said to be over the octillion megatons, which is equivalent to a white dwarf star. This makes it powerful enough to knock out even the Man of Steel.

While the infinite mass punch is a powerful move, it’s important to note that it’s not a guaranteed win. Pulling off that move takes precise timing, and it can really tire out the Flash afterward. But, even with all that power, Ezra Miller‘s portrayal of the Flash in their movie didn’t get the spotlight they deserved.

He can knock out Superman with one punch! That’s quite a feat, considering how strong Superman is. Sadly, Miller’s character wasn’t given enough chances to really show off his abilities.

The Speed Force Even Enhances the Scarlet Speedster’s Brain and Abilities

The Flash
The Flash (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The source of the Flash’s power, also gives him a super-powered brain! When the Flash taps into the Speed Force, his mind starts working overtime. He can process information, make choices, and even predict what might happen next – all way faster than a regular person. Imagine being able to think up solutions in a flash or seeing different ways a situation might play out before it even happens!

This brain boost is a huge advantage for the Flash. In a fight, he can outsmart villains before they even know what hit them. And when it comes to tricky situations, he can analyze the problem and come up with a solution in a blink of an eye.

Also, Speedsters like him don’t just rely on muscle power, they use the Speed Force to create powerful constructs out of pure energy. Wally West, another famous Flash, is a master of this technique. He uses the Speed Force to create his iconic red and yellow costume while on the run.

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