Most successors aren’t able to surpass their predecessors, but one manga series has been able to buck the trend. Created by Hiro Mashima, the creator of the hit series Fairy Tail, Edens Zero not only surpasses Fairy Tail in every way possible, but it also might be Mashima’s best work to date. Edens Zero can also be considered somewhat of a departure for the mangaka.

Although the shonen manga world has explored quite a few unique concepts over the years, such as martial artists, detectives, and ice skating, one aspect that remains largely unexplored is space. Battle shonen had not quite embraced space until the creation of Mashima’s Edens Zero.

Edens Zero
Edens Zero | Netflix

While the similarities between Edens Zero and its predecessors are difficult to ignore, Edens Zero has set itself apart in ways that allow it to stand up on its own. Unlike its predecessors, this battle shonen series has a more serious tone to it and tackles more adult themes than Fairy Tail or Rave Master ever did.

Edens Zero Manga To End In Five Chapters

Edens Zero characters
Characters from Edens Zero | Crunchyroll

Way back in 2023, Weekly Shonen Magazine revealed that Edens Zero had entered its final arc. Now, it seems like the time has finally come for the manga to conclude. @AniNewsAndFacts took to X to announce that Edens Zero manga will end in 5 chapters. Although most X users were disheartened to see a beloved manga come to a close, another user commented that it was good since Mashima lost his passion.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Hiro Mashima has dipped from his former status. The truth is, Fairy Tail, one of his most celebrated works, is not as great as it used to be. Fans had signed up for a magical story set up in a fantastical land, filled with unforgettable bonds, thrilling adventures, and enough emotions to make a grown man cry. However, as promising as the premise had been, Mashima failed to deliver till the end.

Apart from the similarities in the character designs, Edens Zero follows an entirely different narrative from its predecessors, and the storyline seems to hold up on its own. But even then, fans can’t help but notice the series losing some of its distinctiveness and Mashima falling back to his old patterns.

Although the series has several novel aspects that showcase Mashima’s growth as a mangaka, some parts paint a different picture. From the incessant fanservice and over-sexualization of female characters to one-sided fights, Edens Zero seems to have lost its charm and repeated its predecessor’s mistakes. And don’t even get us started with the “power of friendship” trope!

Edens Zero Is Still A Better Story Than Fairy Tail

Shiki's companions
Edens Zero: Shiki’s companion | Netflix

Edens Zero has a very different theme from Fairy Tail. The “Weight of Life” and the concept of what being truly alive means take front and center. In comparison, Fairy Tail‘s themes primarily center around friendship and emotional connections. Edens Zero focuses on the value of life, but in a very different way because instead of comparing humans to each other, it compares machines to a person.

Edens Zero universe is populated with organic lives like humans and aliens, as well as mechanical beings, like robots and machines. The relation between the two serves as the central plot point. While the main characters are altruistic and see both lives as equal and important, not all of them are as open-minded. Many of the characters they come across don’t view organic life as equal or important as their own, which serves to drive the point home.

You can watch Edens Zero on Crunchyroll.

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