In the Fairy Tail world, the strongest mages are mostly Dragon Slayer mages like Natsu. These mages wield extraordinary levels of magic surpassing all the others in the Fairy Tail.

Dragon Slayer mages have abilities suited for combatting dragons, and they can even turn into dragons by themselves at will. Every Dragon Slayer possesses a different type of magic. For instance, Natsu uses Fire Dragon Slayer magic, while Laxus Dreyar harnesses Lightning Dragon Slayer magic. 

The powers of these mages are quite remarkable, as they can even destroy a whole city if they want. We have even seen Acnologia do such a thing in the Alvarez Empire arc. There are many Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail, and we will look at some of the strongest Dragon Slayers aside from Natsu, and see what makes them stand out. 

6. Wendy Marvell: Sky Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail: 6 Strongest Dragon Slayer Other Than Natsu, Ranked
Wendy Marvell (Credits: J.C. Staff)

The youngest Dragon Slayer, Wendy Marvell, played a major role in defeating the monstrous Acnologia, where she used her Sky Dragon Slayer magic. Even though she is still young and doesn’t really like fighting, her powers are no joke.

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Being trained by the mighty dragon named Grandeeney, Wendy got quite good in Sky Dragon Slayer magic. By using her magic, she can utilize magic related to wind and air. Wendy has fought many battles, but one that showed her true strength was during the Alvarez Empire ac, where she was able to change in her dragon form at will.

5. Gajeel Redfox: Iron Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail: 6 Strongest Dragon Slayer Other Than Natsu, Ranked
Gajeel Redfox (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Initially introduced as an antagonist during the Edolas Arc, Gajeel’s journey took a significant turn as he eventually joined the Fairy Tail guild and became a loyal member of them. But during his time as a villain, Gajeel Redfox earned the rank of S-Rank Mage, as claimed by one of the guilds in Earth-Land.

Gajeel is known for using Iron Dragon Slayer Magic, and his powers are quite immense. He even effortlessly overpowered Rogue during the Grand Magic Games arc, showcasing the sheer strength and effectiveness of his powers. He may even sacrifice his own life for his comrades without a second thought.

4. Laxus Dreyar: Lighting Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail: 6 Strongest Dragon Slayer Other Than Natsu, Ranked
Laxus Dreyar (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Initially appearing as an antagonist, Laxus Dreyar got quite the glow-up in the story. After Natsu and his friends defeat him in the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, Laxus goes through significant character development and becomes a completely different person.

Laxus has shown his worth in many arcs like the Grand Magic Games arc,  the Tenrou Island arc, and the Battle of Fairy Tail arc. Not to mention that he defeated five of the Reaven Tail’s mages, and also one of the Wizard Saints, Jura, single-handedly.

3. God Serena: Gale Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail: 6 Strongest Dragon Slayer Other Than Natsu, Ranked
God Serena (Credits: J.C. Staff)

God Serena is known for his great strength and his ability to use multiple types of Dragon Slayer magic like Lighting, Sea King, Cavern, Gale Dragon Slaying Magic, Purgatory, etc. 

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God Serena was formerly ranked as first of the Ten Wizard Saints. During his prime, he was even called the strongest Mage on the entire continent. Due to planting numerous amounts of Dragon Slaying Magic by Lacrimas, he was known by the name Eight-Dragon God Serena 

2. Irene Belserion: The Queen of Dragons

Fairy Tail: 6 Strongest Dragon Slayer Other Than Natsu, Ranked
Irene Belserion (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Irene Belserion still holds the title of the most powerful female mage in history. The fact she is the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic makes it clear why she ranks so high on this list. She is not known as Queen of Dragons for nothing.

Irene Belserion, also known as The Scarlet Despair, can seamlessly transform into her dragon form at will. Her true potential was revealed during her fight with Acnologia. Though she wasn’t able to defeat Acnologia by herself, she fought him on equal footing.

1. Acnologia: The Most Powerful Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail: 6 Strongest Dragon Slayer Other Than Natsu, Ranked
Acnologia (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Acnologia is still considered one of the best antagonists in the Fairy Tail anime. Not only did he have a huge amount of magical power, but he was also able to change himself into his dragon form quickly.

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Zeref even mentioned that Acnologia had the power to rule the entire world, but for some reason, he chose not to. And even if Natsu was on this list, he would still have been placed lower than Acnologia.

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