The famous Iron Man costume from the Iron Man franchise creates many inspirations and speculations among fans. Of course, an iron suit that blasts rays and fires Ammos and lasers is a thing to behold.

Many tried to replicate the suit. But of course, it is nearly impossible to build a powerful armor with the available technology. Recently, a fan is in the progress of crafting a refined version of the famous armor that can shoot a LASER beam.

The Knuckle Launcher

A Marvel fan, socially called the Techmaster, crafted transforming mask and gloves and posted it on Instagram.

In the latest post, this guy tests out the gloves that shoot out laser. He named the glove as Knuckle Launcher in the caption. Other parts of the still incomplete suit include the mask, legs, and breastplates along with a supercool Arc reactor like setup. The closing mechanism installed in the legs and helm is way too excellent.

The iron suit

The project is still incomplete as a whole Iron Man suit. Techmaster conducts many tests on his Iron costume and gradually updates the latest outcomes of his work.

It is an inspiring sight to see the suit come together. So, fans are excited to see how it will end. Various versions of the project include the Mark 1 and Mark 2 designs.

Techmaster even posted the videos of crafting the helm in the furnace along with other works on the Suit.

Constant updates

The Instagrammer, Techmaster_2020, continuously posts the updates of how well his creation comes out. These videos revolve both in Insta and Tik Tok with many positive comments from fans.

The guy posted many donation requests for his project. This project has turned many eyes towards it, and many are speaking about it. Catch up on Techmaster_2020 on Instagram and Tik Tok to know more updates on the Techmaster’s suit.

See the latest update on the suit here,

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