Every Marvel fan and even the non-MCU audience is well aware of Thor and his hammer, Mjolnir. Thor is incomplete without his power weapon. Through several Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, it has become evident that Thor’s powers only lie in his hammer, Mjolnir, and without that, he possesses no strength.

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Thor holding his hammer, Mjolnir

However, a Reddit user going by the name brownpanther_333 has shared a hard to ignore conspiracy theory. He completely opposes that Thor’s only strength lies in his hammer; instead, it restricts his powers.

Did Odin plan all of this from the start?

He backed this by saying that When Odin, Thor’s father, commanded the dwarves to create Mjolnir; in reality, he told them to design it to curb Thor’s power. He did so because he believed that Thor would not be able to control his enormous power, which will have a disastrous effect on others.

Odin from Thor
Odin from the movie Thor

The Reddit user tells how Thor’s power seemed to boost in the movies Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, where he did not exercise his hammer’s power, yet he had monstrous strength. Now that does raise some suspicions.

In continuation of this theory, he tells how Captain America was able to fight using lightning bolts in Avengers: Endgame because of Thor’s stored energy in Mjolnir.

All of these do add up. Moreover, Odin was already unsuccessful in stopping his daughter Hela from tearing through the universe, which brought forth destruction, so he might have thought of this plan to avoid any further problems. Well, we already know how good he is at guarding secrets.

It is also believed that initially, Odin wanted Thor to have Stormbreaker when the God Of Thunder was willing. However, Odin never really tried to make any weapon for his other children, raising further doubts about his intention.

Ragnarok confirms Thor’s potential without his hammer

The movie ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ finally validates this entire theory when Thor, who after having lost Mjolnir, becomes super powerful with his lightning element and even defeats Hela . He pierces through her army.


thor ragnarok thunder powers eyes 1048132
In Ragnarok, Thor uses his lightning power

Now, all of this adds up to confirming the Reddit user’s theory even though there is no official confirmation. However, if this theory turns out to be accurate, that will be a turning point in the Marvel Universe.

What are your thoughts on this conspiracy theory? Comment down below.

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