In the Thor series, the Mjolnir holds a lot of importance. It is a symbol of power and strength.

However, the hammer now sports a different look than before.

The new hammer is now much more potent, more massive, and powerful than before. The hammer is not just used to fight off evils, but it works only with those who are worthy of using it. 

Thor’s Hammer gets a Revamped Twist!

A still of Thor with his mighty Mjolnir

It was in the year 2014 that Thor had used his hammer, which he later dropped down.

Thor and his hammer saw a kind of break up situation wherein he continues to operate without his mighty hammer.

This separation from the hammer is the reason why he became the God of Thunder. Jane Foster took advantage of the situation and got hold of the hammer.

The New Design is more Powerful!

A glimpse of new Mjolnir

However, the hammer lost its sight with the Thor series of 2018.

It later saw its reentry with War of the Realms in 2019. The new hammer that appeared again with the War of the Realms is way different than the previous one.

Everything from the look to the design has seen a change. The wooden handle on the old hammer is absent from the current hammer. 

Are You Worthy to Use the New Hammer?

Jane Foster holds the Mjolnir !

Thor has revamped the handle and has replaced it by using the branches of a tree as the new handle.

The new hammer now has increased powers as compared to the earlier one. The new hammer is equipped with incredible powers to reach out the message across the entire universe at the same time.

The hammer operates depending upon the person who holds it.

In other words, if you are capable and worthy, you will receive the power of the God of Thunder.

Apart from the above changes, the hammer also bears a different kind of enchantment.

The new charm of the hammer seems much brighter and better than the previous one. 

Here’s a short clip on how Jane Foster is seen lifting Mjolnir

Source : screenrant, cbr


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