Scarlet Witch removing the Mind Stone off Vision was probably the most heartbreaking moment of Avengers: Infinity War. But what if Vision isn’t actually dead? I mean, his death certainly happened, as we all witnessed, but there’s a possibility that his soul might have been saved earlier on in the film.

Throughout the battle that took place in Wakanda, Shuri tried to remove the Mind stone off Vision’s head so that she could destroy it and keep Vision alive. But according to fan theory, she changed this plan of hers as soon as the attackers came close. The theory reveals that instead of taking the stone away, Shuri uploaded Vision’s consciousness into the computer, just like Jarvis.

The fan even provided a screenshot evidence, which reveals that Shuri may have succeeded. The theory states that Shuri changed her game plan when she heard attackers approaching. She copied and pasted the six primary sections of Vision in order to preserve him, which was shown by the six main pathways branching off the stone.

After uploading each section individually, the path turned blue, representing its completion. The connection disappears after changing to blue.

She transferred everything before the room is taken over, and she shuts the program at the last second. At this very moment, you can see blue light blinking on all the sections, signifying its completion.

If this holds true, and Shuri actually succeeded in uploading Vision, we may get to see to a new Vision rebuilt of Wakandan Technology and Vibranium. Another possibility is that he becomes Jarvis for Tony for the battle against Thanos.

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