No one else can design special Iron Man suits better than Tony Stark especially the ones to take down specific villains. But despite all that he has never constructed anything which is as impressive as Fantastic Four’s Anti Galactus Suit which is designed to take on the Devourer of Worlds.
The suit appears in Fantastic Four # 557 by Mark Millar & Bryan Hitch and during that time it was the most dangerous weapon on planet Earth!

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Galactus has an extremely important presence in the Marvel Universe and is a longtime enemy of the Fantastic Four, who originally agreed to spare Earth thanks to the heroic efforts from the team,
But, things always keep changing in the Marvel Universe and the Fantastic Four have faced Galactus several times; as an antagonist and ally both.

And for this very reason, Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic has never stopping coming up with the ways to fend off the Devourer of Worlds, and the Anti-Galactus Suit might just be his greatest.
The Anti Galactus Suit has never been used against Galactus as he has generally kept his promise.
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But in Fantastic Four #557, we see Reed climb into the mec to fight CAP who is a “Conserve And Protect” a robot touring Earth on a quest to destroy every conceivable weapon.
CAP was designed as watchdog of Nu-World, a parallel reality created by a radical group of scientists intent on escaping the inevitable death of Earth.
Thus, it was intended to prevent the invention or use of weaponry on Nu-World, but the robot’s AI accidentally learned about Earth which in turn triggers its core programming to go on a weapon destroying rampage.

Mr. Fantastic had to activate the Anti-Galactus Suit to stop CAP, knowing it won’t be able to resist the most powerful weapon.

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CAP is designed by a team of some greatest scientists on Earth so it’s not to be taken lightly.
Earth’s heroes try to stop CAP but it’s a super-advanced robot which defeats  forty of the most powerful Avengers and X-Men in a huge combined brawl, showing the incredible threat it poses if allowed to run free.

After realising that CAP can’t directly harm him due to the code implemented by Alyssa Castle, Reed takes CAP down with a single punch from the Anti- Galactus Suit; a vast shockwave blasting out from the force of the collision.

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Mr. Fantastic then quickly deactivates the Anti- Galactus Suit, revealing that because of its massive energy consumption, it costs a billion dollars a second to run.
The “Suit” has limited usefulness, eating up resources at an alarming rate and requiring a huge support staff to run.
Mr. Fantastic had made it clear that its destructive potential is greater than any nuclear weapon.

Comic fans hope to see Fantastic Four test the “Suit” against Galactus himself one day!

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