Marvel has a long list of speedsters in its universe but do you know who is the fastest of all? Superhuman speed is what every fan desires! Marvel superheroes have all kinds of powers, from magic, intelligence, high speed, endurance, physical strength, mutations, and many more that we might know. We all have wished for a race between the Marvel and DC superheroes. Didn’t we? Some of the superheroes are less known to the audiences. Let’s have a look at Fastest Marvel Superheroes & Their Top Speeds.

Vision can go upto about 1,225 km/h, or 761 mph

Vision is one of the fastest marvel superhero
Actor Paul Bettany has given his voice to Tony Stark’s A.I. butler, J.A.R.V.I.S. which later becomes Vision

Being a creation of Ultron and an upgraded version of Jarvis, Vision has it all! Along with having artificial intelligence, Vision possesses many superhuman abilities. Fun Fact: In the Marvel Comics, Wanda and Vision had a baby named Speed who later went on to join the young avengers!

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Iron Man March 3 Armor can go up to 130.44 miles per hour

Iron Man with the help of his armor is one of the fastest marvel superhero
Being one of the Marvel Fastest Superhero, Iron Man suit is also called Shotgun and can also lift up to 100 tons.

Iron Man is one of those characters who will be on every list! With the help of his armor, Iron Man can fly at a much faster rate. In the MCU movies, Iron Man has been to Space by asking Friday for a little juice in his throttle! Reportedly, the armor can go up to the speed of Mach 3 in just a few seconds!

Captain Marvel can swift through galaxies with a speed of 2,301 miles per hour

Captain Marvel can travel to spaces and thats the reason she is on the list of MAarvel Fastest Superhero
Captain Marvel can fly to galaxies and also has enhanced strength, stamina, agility, and almost total immunity to toxins and poisons.

Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel acquires the ability to travel at very high speeds, close to the speed of light. Being a former head of NASA security, Carol became entangled in the ideas of the alien Kree Empire where Carol befriends the Kree Soldier Mar-Vell.

Thor Odinson can move at a speed 24,553 miles per hour to different realms

Thor Odinson is one od the fastest marvel superhero
Thor is one of the strongest and fastest marvel character. Thor’s upcoming movie will be coming in 2023.

Thor might have pulled some extra cheese wiz on his weight but still is considered to be a mighty god! With the help of Mjolnir, Thor can go far galaxies and can fly at subsonic speeds while in the atmosphere. Being one of the strongest characters in Marvel, Thor can reach the speed of Mach 32 with the help of Mjolnir.

Quiksilver can go upto 2,050 miles-per-second

Quicksilver has the ability to swift through places making him one of the fastest superhero
Quicksilver possesses superhuman speed and can move (or punch) at a much faster rate than any ordinary human. We are bot sure about dodging machine gun fire from helicopters. Oops!

In the Marvel movies, we think Quicksilver is the fastest of all but this is precisely not true. However, Quicksilver’s speed is considered faster than the speed of sound as per a few internet sleuths and amateur mathematicians. Marvel’s speedsters Quicksilver made his onscreen debut in 2014 with Xmen Apocalypse. Later we got to see a  different version of Quicksilver in Avengers Age of Ultron and Wanda and Vision

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