Popular Hollywood celebrities, Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy are now trending in the top headlines after it got unveiled to the public that the female Max Max star as well as the main lead star for the dystopian franchise had a face-to-face conflict within the shooting set of Mad Max: Fury Road. Thus, being great a actor and a great actress, they both have managed to look like having a friendly bond in front of the public but nothing stays a secret for long, isn’t it?

And in fact, one of the stars has now come out to the public and revealed their experiences especially what they have gone through in the set in the Namibian desert. More evidence about the faceoffs between the Hollywood stars got revealed within Kyle Buchanan’s new book, Blood, Sweat, and Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road interview where it was said that Theron used to feel that being threatened and in fact, she asked to get on-set protection from Hardy. 

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron – Conflict Revealed

A Seen from Max Max - Fury Road Showing Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy
A Seen from Max Max – Fury Road Showing Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy

Fans of both stars were left amused after the series of interviews about Kyle’s Blood, Sweat and Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road revealed how Charlize Theron had to request the production team to get on-set protection for her. In the 2015’s blockbuster hit movie, she appeared as the newcomer in the franchise for the role of Furiosa who appears as the lieutenant to the villain Immortan Joe.

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And on the other hand, we again got to see Tom Hardy who again appeared in the lead role as Max Rockatansky. Not only during the interviews but in fact the other cast members for the movie were also seen alleging the aggressive behavior by the Mad Max lead star within the set and with his unprofessional behavior there were times when the entire crew had to wait for him for long hours just to get started with the shoot, especially in the Namibian desert set.

This brought many delays in production, affecting the casts, especially the Golde Globe Award winner who was then a new mother and had other responsibilities including taking care of the child during the shooting time. Mark Goellnicht, the camera operator for the movie claimed that the producers requested Hardy to be punctual at the shoot and as usually used to come late for the shoot, we had Theron who was ready to start the shoot. 

“She was going to make a point,” recalled camera operator Mark Goellnicht. “She didn’t go to the bathroom, didn’t do anything. She just sat in the War Rig.”

Charlize Theron’s Feelings of Threat and Request for On-Set Protection

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy Seen Together In Front the Public before the Conflict broke out
Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy Seen Together In Front of the Public before the Conflict broke out

Mad Max’s female star revealed her aggression towards Hardy for his behavior by stating:

“Fine the f*cking c*nt a hundred thousand dollars for every minute that he’s held up this crew. He might’ve heard some of it, but he charged up to her and went, ‘What did you say to me? He was quite aggressive. She felt threatened, and that was the turning point.”

Both stars were alleged to have had a small heated argument within the set after which almost the entire cast including the producers and directors had to interrupt to calm the situation down.

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About Mad Max: Fury Road 

Max Max: Fury Road, a dystopian action blockbuster was the movie that brought a big storm when it premiered back in 2015. The idea and the concept of the movie were brought by George Miller who gained good popularity with his work for the Max Max franchise itself.

Talking about the box office revenue, the movie has garnered a net revenue of $154.1 million in the United States and $261.1 million in Canada. Also, the movie recorded a jaw-dropping profit of $415.2 Million too. The main reason behind the success of the movie was the help of its breathtaking stunts and stunning actions. 

Source: The Guardian

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