Captain America: The First Avenger was the first MCU film that opened doors for other blockbusters in the franchise. Over the years, Cap has become an important part of the team. He is the heart and soul of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we all know that. Unfortunately, his span at holding the Cap America mantle is coming to an end and although we don’t seem quite ready for it, it has always been clear that he wouldn’t wield the shield forever.

Here are five theories about Captain America’s future that might come true. (And two that won’t)

Might come true: Bucky sacrifices himself

After getting captured and tortured by HYDRA, Bucky Barnes destroyed many lives and even lost himself forever. Although he has been cured and is once again a good guy, he still has a lot of guilt for his past actions.

If it comes down to sacrificing someone to the Soul Stone, we believe that Bucky wouldn’t hesitate to do what’s necessary.

Might come true: Bucky becomes the new Captain America

After Chris Evans leaves MCU, Bucky Barnes is heavily rumoured to replace him, taking up the Captain America mantle.

Considering how good Sebastian Stan’s performance has been, it’s no surprise that fans are rooting for him to become the next Captain America.

Might come true: Uses the Infinity Gauntlet
We really don’t know what the Infinity Stones are truly capable of. But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that it takes a powerful individual to use the gauntlet.

The person using the Gauntlet should be strong, both physically and mentally, as the Gauntlet can corrupt one’s mind. Steve Rogers is the best option to reverse Thanos’ snap.

Might come true: Stays in the past with Peggy
One popular fan theory features each of the original Avengers taking an Infinity Stone to protect, with Steve using the Time Stone to travel back to the past and live his life with Peggy.

Fans are anticipating for this, as Marvel fans have invested in the relationship between Peggy and Steve, wanting a happy ending for them.

Might come true: Steve and Tony Make Up
Many fans believe that Tony and Steve will have some sort of a reunion in Avengers 4. Stark still believes in Captain America, even after the events of Infinity War.

Both the heroes made mistakes during the events of Civil War and we have no doubt that these two will find a way to mend their friendship before these two find a way to settle everything.

Might not come true: Reality Stone Creates a New Version
A crazy fan theory suggested that the Reality Stone will lead to roles being recast but we believe that the studio will avoid that, as it already has established its own profitable characters.

So, the possibility of this ever happening is highly unlikely.

Might not come true: Peggy Carter becomes the New Captain America
Peggy Carter is one of the best MCU heroes ever. However, we haven’t gotten to spend more time with her. Her solo series lasted for just two seasons, so we never actually got to see her turning from a super spy to the founder of SHIELD.

Many theories have suggested that she will be taking the Captain America mantle after Evans retire. But obviously, in a franchise already jam-packed with characters, this is unlikely to happen.

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