Thanos is undoubtedly one of the most powerful villains in Marvel Universe since its debut in 1973 in the comics. The character made his cinematic appearance in the 2012’s Avengers, signaling fans that he was someone who needs attention. He finally appeared in this year’s Infinity War, where he took down many of the Earth’s Mightiest Superheroes with ease.

However, like most onscreen adaptations, Thanos had to go through several alterations to his character in Infinity War. Today we will explore 5 ways that MCU made his overpowered (and three ways that it weakened him).

Over-Powered: Taking Down Thanos
This happens in the opening scene of the film that sees Hulk getting easily slammed by Thanos. Thanos did have the Power Stone but he managed to take down Hulk with ease, without even using it.
Hulk is known for taking a brutal beating (Remember the Hulk-Buster scene in Age of Ultron?) and showing Thanos taking him down like he was nothing totally made him looked overpowering.

Weaker: Doesn’t Care About His Children
Thanos’ Black Order doesn’t matter much to him the films. Only person matters, Gamora. During the fight on Titan, Thanos assumed the death of Ebony Maw and he didn’t seem affected by it. It was a change of sentiment from the Mad Titan, given how faithful his army is to him.

OP: Destroying An Entire Planet
The opening scene of Infinity War shows Thanos with the Power Stone. Thor later revealed that The Mad Titan destroyed Xandar to obtain it. He obliterated an entire planet where Nova Corps reside without giving it a single thought.
Keep in mind guys, he did this without having any of the Infinity Stones at that time.

Weaker: No Healing Factor
The comic version of the character had an impressive healing factor. All the blows he took were healed in a few seconds. With his insane strength and durability, it seemed like no one can actually defeat him.
However, the films saw him limping to his front porch, especially from Iron Man and Thor.

OP: Teleportation from the beginning
Space Stone was the first Stone we see Thanos taking. This was to help him teleport anywhere in the universe. This helped him find the stones much faster.
However, this was one of the many ways Marvel made him overpowered in his cinematic adaptation.

Weaker: No Flight
In the comics, Thanos unlocked the ability of flight but in Infinity War, he didn’t have this ability. However, we do agree that seeing Josh Brolin’s Thanos fly around would’ve seemed ridiculous.
However, his lack of flight caused a change in his mobility which caused him to take several attacks. He could teleport to many locations but that seems like a really average substitute.

OP: Surviving Any Attack
Thanos takes a lot of damage in Infinity War. He takes a few punches from Hulk, while also gets a Necrocraft collapsing into him. He gets assaulted by Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Thor but still manages to survive all of them.
In fact, all he got was a small cut on his face. The only noticeable damage done to him was when he took Thor’s axe to his chest. Even then, he survived and managed to snap his fingers.

OP: Defeating Doctor Strange’s Magic
Doctor Strange is the strongest character in the MCU. He is the master of mystic arts. While fighting Thanos on Titan, Strange used almost every spell in his store, trying his best to trap him. He even used a hundred copies of himself to hold him back.
However, Thanos proved too strong even for Doctor Strange as he used his Stones to break all his spells.

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