American rapper and songwriter Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has been in the limelight for his genre duality across alternative rock with hip hop. MGK publicly shared his emotions regarding his heartbreaking loss. MGK and his ex-partner suffered a terrible period after that traumatic event. 

Mchine Gun Kelly in a from My Ex's Best Friend
Machine Gun Kelly in a from My Ex’s Best Friend music video| Source: YouTube

The Bad Things singer also started dating American actress Megan Denise Fox. The Transformers actress began dating MGK after meeting him on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass, released in 2020. The couple had to suffer a tremendous loss later on in their relationship. The unfortunate event completely broke them emotionally. 

Machine Gun Kelly Gave a Heartfelt Tribute to His Lost Child

Machine Kelly and Megan Fox in a still from Bloody Valentine
Machine Kelly and Megan Fox in a still from Bloody Valentine music video | Source: YouTube

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has been going through a very tough phase for the last couple of months. His romantic relationship with actress Megan Fox was all good until they lost a baby. In November last year, Fox revealed with a heavy heart that she and MGK had failed to welcome their baby girl to the world. 

The pregnancy loss was first addressed by Megan Fox through her 2023 poetry book, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. Not just Fox, the unfortunate event took a toll on MGK too. The 34-year-old rapper has been heartbroken since the event and has recently given a tribute to his lost child. 

MGK did a woodwork project to honor Fox’s lost pregnancy. Recently, he posted an Instagram video of him making a wood carving in memory of his lost baby girl. In the caption, he wrote:

My first wood carving. For a special soul that will be found again.

MGK looked really devoted to his woodwork project and this gesture from him has won the hearts of people over the web. 

Machine Gun Kelly’s Don’t Let Me Go Was Also a Tribute to the Lost Pregnancy

machine gun kelly
Machine Gun Kelly in Pressure music video | Source: YouTube

Not only in the woodwork project, MGK also mourned his lost child with Fox in his 2024 song Don’t Let Me Go. He released the song in February 2024. The song is a musical expression of how the singer is suffering from a never-ending sorrow in his real life. 

Megan Fox’s miscarriage seems to have affected him quite badly and Don’t Let Me Go is hence an artistic creation born out of his traumatic experience. The lyrics read:

How can I live with the fact / That my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby

Aware of the intention behind his new song, all the MGK fans have assembled to lend a shoulder to the American rapper in one of his most difficult times. The fatherly love of MGK has moved the fans

Hopefully, both artists will be able to overcome their dark times soon. First the song and now the woodwork tribute prove that MGK’s efforts to honor his lost child are enough to pierce the hearts of even the most cold-hearted people.

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