Batman supervillain Scarecrow enjoys enough popularity on its own. Cillian Murphy’s embodiment of the character in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is etched in people’s brains. But the depiction of the Scarecrow in a soon-to-be-released sequel to the Batman’89 comics reminds fans of another actor, which has fans wanting or rather wondering if he could have played Dr. Crane in the unrealized sequel of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman, which is what the comic books are in continuation of.

Jeff Goldblum: A Potential Scarecrow?

Jeff Goldblum in the 90s
Jeff Goldblum in the 90s

In the ever-expanding realm of superheroes, one thing or another is always happening. Over the years, multiple renditions of several superheroes have been done by great artists be it in comic books, TV series, or movies. And yet new updates and attempts never fail to make waves in the fandoms.

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Scarecrow concept images posted by Joe Quinones
Scarecrow concept images posted by Joe Quinones

The same happened when comic book artist Joe Quinones decided to give fans a peek at the concept drawings he had been working on for Batman’89: Echoes. The sketches Quinones posted on X (formerly Twitter), showcase the Caped-Crusader in a new suit and Scarecrow. The unmasked sketch of Dr.Crane, fans have decided, shows a great resemblance to Jeff Goldblum in the 90s.

The artist has not answered any of the assumptions fans made replying to his post. But fans thrill at the possibility of Goldblum playing Dr. Crane. Following are some fan reactions:

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Batman’89 Using 90s Icons as Inspiration

Michael Keaton in and as Batman (1989)
Michael Keaton in and as Batman (1989)

Even though Quinones is tight-lipped on the subject, it is unlikely that the fan assumptions are wrong. There is a pattern in the physical appearance of the Batman’89 characters. As aforementioned, the comic book series is in continuation of Tim Burton‘s Batman adaptation which was released in 1989.

Keeping the theme alive, it seems that the artists have found a way to honor the era the comic book takes inspiration from. Not only the Batman share similarities with Michael Keaton who originally played the character in the film, but Harley Quinn who featured in the debut of the comic in 2021, was based on Madonna. And Batman’s best friend Robin was based on Marlon Wayans. Interestingly, both Madonna and Wayans were supposed to feature as the same characters in different Batman movies at some point.

It is interesting to think about what could have been if Burton had been able to expand Burtonverse to more movies.

Batman ’89: Echoes #1 is set to come out on November 28, 2023.

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