The iconic 90s sitcom Friends still remains hugely popular amongst fans old and new thanks to its witty humor and beloved cast of characters. However, one Friends guest star that clearly didn’t win over viewers is Emily Waltham, the short-term wife of Ross Geller played by actress Helen Baxendale. In a recent poll ranking the most hated TV characters of all time, Emily Waltham shockingly landed in the top 10.

What were the other most hated TV characters?

Emily Waltham in Friends
Emily Waltham in Friends

In the online poll published by Ranker listing TV’s most reviled characters, Emily Waltham managed to crack the top 10 coming in at #10. She finds herself in the infamous company alongside other unpopular small-screen villains.

Claiming the top spot as the most hated TV character ever is Joffrey Baratheon from the fantasy series Game of Thrones. This diabolical, sniveling tyrant is well-known for committing unthinkable atrocities. Other characters in the top 10 most hated list include Ramsay Bolton, Cersei Lannister, and Walter White demonstrating how much viewers love to loathe a complicated villain.

Emily Waltham in Friends
Emily Waltham in Friends

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While Emily Waltham seems innocuous in comparison to murderous psychopaths, something about her snooty persona clearly irritated Friends fans. But regardless of fan opinions, Emily’s messy stint as Ross’s wife allowed actress Helen Baxendale to leave her mark in sitcom history even two decades later. 

Who is Emily Waltham and why do Friends fans hate her?

Emily Waltham in Friends
Emily Waltham in Friends

Emily Waltham entered Friends in season 4 as the sophisticated English niece of Rachel’s boss at Ralph Lauren. She met Ross at a fashion seminar and they quickly hit it off, leading to a whirlwind romance set against the backdrop of London. During their wedding ceremony, Ross infamously utters Rachel’s name at the altar, creating chaos.

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This leads to major tension between Emily and Ross, with the insecure newlywed demanding Ross cut Rachel out of his life entirely. Her overbearing, spiteful overreactions to Ross’s lingering feelings for Rachel swiftly turned Friends fans against her. Emily’s inability to trust Ross also grated on viewers who knew Ross and Rachel were destined to end up together.

After her marriage to Ross crumbles once and for all, Emily disappears from the Friends storyline, leaving behind a reputation as the most disliked of Ross’ love interests.

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