The music industry is feeling the thriving light of Taylor Swift as fans storm to streaming platforms for the latest double album, The Tortured Poets Department. The singer surprised fans with a deluxe edition containing songs fans had no idea about. However, one particular song has left fans shocked as nobody saw it coming.

Titled thanK you aIMee, Swift’s song had been interpreted and digested by fans to finally realize what she was trying to say through those scathing lyrics. Though the title itself is the biggest easter egg, there’s more to the song than meets the ear.

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian’s Feud

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Karma

It all started when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at an awards function. It quickly went downhill as Swift was called “that b***h” in West’s song Famous, where he claimed that he was the one who shot Swift to stardom. It seems like the Bad Blood singer did not appreciate the subtle jibe and took matters to the next level. Though she did not comment on the song directly, she chose to answer with her next album, titled Reputation.

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Swift is known for adding her personal touch to each of her songs, from lyrics to certain melodies that fans can easily interpret and enjoy tidbits from her life. She did the same with the song thanK you aIMee. The capitalized letters in the song’s title spell out Kim, hinting at the eldest Kardashian sister who was married to West until recently.

Kim Kardashian 
Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

When Kim Kardashian tried to defend her then-husband and stated that Swift knew about the lyrics in the song and agreed to it, things got heated between the two female celebrities. Since then, Kardashian has tried to smooth things over, but Swift seemingly does not forgive and forget that easily. Her latest song is proof of her long-standing grudge, as Swift thanks a high school bully (hinting at Kardashian) for the terrible experience that made her stronger and better.

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Kris Jenner Advised Kim Kardashian to Call Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian 
Kim Kardashian on The Kardashians

In a resurfaced clip from the popular show Keeping Up With Kardashians, we can see mother Kris Jenner discussing the burgeoning feud with her daughter Kim Kardashian. The conversation starts with the cover of the magazine as Jenner asks her how it all became so negative. Kardashian, on the other hand, keeps defending herself and her husband for the song lyrics. Jenner further stated that she likes Swift and her team, and would like the two women to end the fight.

She urges her daughter to call Swift and bury the hatchet since the feud is not benefitting anyone. However, Kardashian sticks to her guns and clarifies that no rapper would take someone’s permission before writing about them. It seems like Kardashian is tasting her own medicine as Swift’s song about her trends on the charts. In the end, if Kardashian had taken her mother’s advice and did as she suggested, things would not have gone this far.

The Tortured Poets Department is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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