Hold onto your pastel polos and popped collars, because we’re taking a trip back to 2015—a more innocent period when the now-beloved star Glen Powell was a newcomer on a quirky TV show. Featuring in an American satirical dark comedy sitcom, Powell (as Chad) navigated through masculinity and absurdity. 

Glen Powell as Ben in a still from Anyone But You
Glen Powell as Ben in a still from Anyone But You | Sony Pictures Releasing

But here’s the thing: one wrong move and his career could’ve gone the way of the fax machine. But the twist? It all involves the timeless heartthrob himself, John Stamos. So, get ready to learn how Glen Powell almost went from Hollywood hopeful to Hollywood has-been, all thanks to a single shower-related scene!

From sock-less surprise to Stamos’ shocking stream, Glen Powell dodges a bullet 

American actor Glen Powell arrives on the red carpet for the global celebration of the film "Hidden Figures"
American actor Glen Powell at global celebration of the film “Hidden Figures” | Wikimedia/Bill Ingalls

Glen Powell discussed a near-n*kedness mishap on the set of Scream Queens in 2015. For the scene, the actor strategically placed a sock on his private area, but when John Stamos knocked on his trailer door, an awkward situation almost occurred! In a conversation with Esquire, Glen Powell was asked about how he nearly exposed himself to John Stamos. Powell explained the entire scenario, stating,

Before I was gonna shoot the trailer scene, Stamos kept knocking at my door to inquire about what I was gonna wear, like what sock I was gonna wear. So I was about to open the trailer door and stand eye-level with him…

And here’s where things get dicey. Powell wasn’t wearing the sock! To his utter surprise, John Stamos was on Instagram live and this episode (him standing n*ked at eye-level) could’ve literally ended his career. Guess Powell was lucky to hide and avoid being discovered by Stamos’ 800k fans! Talking about the series’ shower scene and his friendship with Stamos, the actor said:

So, John Stamos and I were not that close yet. But now he’s like one of my best friends. The reason why John and I became so close was because our first scene in Scream Queens is the shower scene where he’s now dating my ex-girlfriend and I basically come to confront him about it. 

Scream Queens is a satirical two-season TV show that’s set at a mysterious sorority house. Glen Powell took on the leading role in the comedy-horror series, after which he started to gain recognition (and in the right way!) Thank God, he didn’t open the door, or else? Like, one strategically placed sock (or lack thereof) and a well-timed Instagram Live could’ve entirely rewritten Powell’s Hollywood story. 

While Scream Queens may have launched the now 35-year-old into the spotlight, it also serves as a hilarious reminder that Hollywood is a land of surprises! So, the next time you see Powell in a blockbuster film, remember the sock that almost derailed it all, and the ever-present possibility of John Stamos lurking with an open Instagram Live session.

Stamos struggles with 80s flashbacks at Powell’s Texas ranch

Tom Cruise and Glen Powell
Tom Cruise and Glen Powell | Glenpowell on Instagram

John Stamos, Powell’s co-star on Scream Queens, disclosed in an interview with Bustle that Powell’s hometown of Austin is the venue for his frequent theme parties, which are quite the celebration.

Stamos took his family to Powell’s family ranch in Texas after becoming friends with him on the production of Scream Queens Season 2 (because, like, nothing brings people together like filming a shower scene!) However, Stamos was irritated by the tone of the evening.

Every day there was some theme party with 20 to 25 people, and when we got there it was ’80s day. I go, ‘I am the f*cking ’80s. Why do I have to dress up?’

Despite his antics, Stamos has nothing but positive things to say about Powell and his acting skills. In the Bustle interview, the Secrets of Eden star said that he wants Powell to be one of Hollywood’s greatest stars. While Glen Powell did have an innocent-looking sock mishap, it also paved his way for future successes!

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