Forget dogfights and danger zones, Glen Powell’s biggest battle is on the LOVE front! The Top Gun: Maverick star recently opened up about his relationship status in a candid interview, and let’s just say, it’s more complicated than a supersonic afterburner. 

Glen Powell
Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in Anyone But You | Sony Pictures

Powell’s words shed light on the potential reasons behind his split with ex-Gigi Paris and the swirling rumors surrounding his co-star Sydney Sweeney. Buckle up, because Powell’s confessions are about to take us on a flight path through Hollywood romance, career demands, and the ever-elusive search for ‘THE ONE.’

Love on hold: Glen Powell prioritizes career over finding “The One”

Glen Powell as Ben in a still from Anyone But You
Glen Powell as Ben in a still from Anyone But You | Sony Pictures

Glen Powell is not currently in the market for a relationship. Top Gun: Maverick may have soared to stratospheric heights, but the actor’s love life isn’t really breaking the sound barrier. In a recent conversation with CBS Mornings on June 7, the actor opened up about his love life, revealing a man who prioritizes career while still yearning for love (like we all do!) Powell said,

I realize that this is the time when life is moving so fast that I don’t even know if I could bring someone into it in a healthy way, even if I try. But for the right person, I can try.

Powell further said that he’s not chasing love as of now. If love comes, hits him in the face, and knocks him over, he’s going to welcome it with open arms. What’s even more beautiful is that his desire for a deeper connection extends beyond romance, and he confesses to wanting to have kids. The 35-year-old continued: 

 I want love, you know. I cannot just be with my niece and nephew. It’s like I really want kids, I really want that phase of life. It’s not far away but I realize it’s going to take a very specific type of person to navigate this.

Furthermore, Powell expresses caution about choosing a spouse who is knowledgeable about the entertainment sector, pointing out to certain aspects and complexities of life,

There are new aspects and new complexities to this life and this job that I didn’t even understand. And to bring someone into this, and make them feel comfortable and loved when a lot of the elements around that could really affect someone’s self-confidence or worth is a troublesome feeling for me.

Since splitting up with Gigi Paris in April 2023 after three years of relationship, Glen has been rather quiet about his love life. Being open about dating is something new for him. Sydney Sweeney, his co-star in Anyone But You, was supposed to be seeing him shortly afterward, but the Euphoria actress—who is engaged to Jonathan Davino—put an end to the rumors in March when she presented Saturday Night Live.

Glen Powell, it seems, is in a holding pattern. Although he acknowledges that he might be able to make things work with “the right person,” he also acknowledged that he’s not “chasing love” right now. But one thing’s for sure: with his ambition and honesty, Powell is going to be a compelling leading man!

Glen Powell shares love advice he got from his parents: ‘Find somebody with a sense of humor’

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell in a still from Set It Up
Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell in a still from Set It Up | Treehouse Pictures

Glen Powell feels appreciative of his astute parents! During his appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show on June 5, the 35-year-old actor shared the romantic advice he received from his parents, Glen Powell Sr. and Cyndy Powell, who have been married for more than 40 years. He said:

You know they do give me love advice ‘cause I do think love surviving that long in this world is really tough. It seems like you need to know a few tricks. I think for them the thing that they always tell me is, ‘You gotta find somebody with a sense of humor!’ 

Powell believes that life is a package of highs and lows. But when you have somebody who can see the silver lining, the bright side of things, and just the humor whether it’s good or bad, it can be great. While love might be on hold for the star, let’s hope he finds the “right person” with a “good sense of humor,” like his parents always wanted him to. 

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