The uncertainty over Gojo Satoru’s death in Jujutsu Kaisen has everyone (within and beyond the fandom) gripping the edges of their seats. And with good reasons too. There have been countless hints and theories about Gojo and whether he is truly dead or not. Undeniably the series’ most popular character, Gojo’s sudden death was a massive shock to the fans, as was his defeat in the fight against Sukuna.

Gojo Death
Sukuna defeats Gojo

Sukuna’s Triumph Over Gojo

Although Gojo Satoru has mentioned time and again that when it comes to a battle between him and Sukuna, he would emerge as the clear winner, the manga deviates from the theory altogether. In fact, fans were outraged by the outcome of the battle in the Culling Game arc. Not to mention that some fans were completely traumatized by the death of their favorite character.

Sukuna vs Gojo
Sukuna vs Gojo

It wouldn’t be overkill to claim that Sukuna and Gojo are the strongest characters of the series, as it has been proven throughout the series. No matter what scene it was, both of them overpowered the rest of the characters and the fans were biting through their fingers waiting for a clash between the two powerful sorcerers. However, the result disappointed fans all over the globe.

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From the very beginning of the fight, Gege Akutami portrayed how Gojo had the upper hand almost halfway through the battle, but the outcome of the battle justifiably infuriated everyone. Sukuna chopped Gojo in half, seemingly leading to his untimely death.

Hope for Gojo’s Revival

Despite Gege Akutami’s unofficial confirmation of Gojo’s death, fans still lingered on the hope that Gojo was still alive (despite him being split in half). Among countless theories surrounding his death and possible revival, out pops a mysterious video that might be linked to Gojo’s return. A post on Twitter reads:

“A mysterious, untitled video has been uploaded to Jump’s YouTube channel.

The video will premiere in 20 hours on April 3, 2024.

It’s a lotus flower from chapter 236. It’s PV to volume 26.”

Here is a link to the post: Jump Channel Uploads a Mysterious Video

Mysterious video
Mysterious Video Emerges Among Fan Theories

Gojo fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that this indicates Gojo might still be alive. And although the views are split (no puns intended), it has definitely led to a huge uproar in the JJK fandom.

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The video depicts the thumbnail of a lotus flower that invokes a deeper meaning than it originally lets on. In Japanese culture, especially, the lotus flower is associated with a lot of symbolism including purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. And of course, the Jujutsu Kaisen fans, with their hopes dangling by a string, latched on to this mysterious video as a sign that their beloved character will be back in Volume 26.


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