For movies, trailers provide some great marketing that could help them sell huge tickets or even merchandise. Trailers try to be spoiler-free because no one wants to watch a movie that already has spoiled the good parts right?

So it is no surprise that many times these trailers often mislead the people by promising something which probably will never be in the film. The trailers could suggest the movie be of one genre but it could end up being another genre and could even skip the parts that they feel the target audience won’t like to watch! Here are the most misleading trailers!

1. Bridge to Terabithia

Those who had read the books knew what was coming. But people who had no idea about the novel were really taken aback after they watched the film. Trailers released by the film seemed to look like the movie was set to be more of a children’s adventure. They showcased a mysterious and adventure world. And the film turned out to be so dark.

If you are not emotionally scarred by this movie even today, you are lying to yourself. Many fans considered this film better than the books.

2. Pan’s Labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro played dirty with his fans when it came to this film. The Mexican director is a genius and maybe it wasn’t his fault entirely and possibly the marketing agencies thought it was a tough job to convey the trailer.

The trailer showed an English voice-over narration of the plot of the film. There were no subtitles or any characters talking. So you can imagine the shock when the audience realized they needed to read the subtitles the entire time. But considering it was an amazing film, not everyone complained about this.

3.  Cabin In The Woods

When the trailer for Cabin in the woods was released, everyone thought it is going to be an average horror film, but the audiences were definitely pleased when they saw the film. The marketing gimmick surely hid the fact that this film was a satire and they paid homage to all the cult classic horror films from before.

4. Drive

When the trailer for this movie came out, everyone thought it would be more like a Fast and the Furious movie. But everyone was shocked as the film has much more to offer than the usual car action genre films. And Ryan Gosling surely surprised everyone with his performance. No one expected that.

5. Red Eye

This film had one of those trailers which make us wonder if it is a horror film or just a thriller. It was very confusing. The trailer sort of looked like a rom-com in the beginning. The film was nothing like that and the lead guy never had the red eyes. It is a great film, more of an underappreciated film. The horror fans were sad about not having any supernatural horror take place in the film though.

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