Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista might look like a beast because of his built and appearance. But he’s different in reality. Recently, Dave Bautista did the cutest thing- he rescued an abused puppy and named her Penny Bautista. Moreover, he has made sure to punish the offenders. Dave Bautista is going to offer an amount of $5000 to whoever provides information about the offender.

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista

GOTG Dave Bautista Did The Cutest Thing For A Puppy!

Dave Bautista on Instagram shared that he rescued a neglected puppy. She was found in Tampa Bay, FL. He further shares that she was severely wounded around the neck and shoulders. In the caption, he mentioned that he will “personally handle $5000 cash” to anyone who provides information. Joining him is The Human Society of Tampa who’ll reward the person with $1500 for the same. Bautista further shared that the pup is now fully recovered and adopted by him.

Dave Bautista's Instagram post
Dave Bautista’s Instagram post

Dave Bautista updated his followers with a video saying, “The bad news is we don’t have any solid leads now, we are trying to catch this person responsible. ‘Cause, it’s a three-month-old puppy that was abused and needed surgery and is recovering from [her] surgery, that’s the update.” Along with him in the video was Louis Safé, who runs Safe K9. It’s an organization that provides dog training and rehabilitation services.

Dave Bautista with rescued puppy
Dave Bautista with rescued puppy

Bautista further says, “The good news is, today, the puppy you know as Sage became Penny Bautista.” While those responsible have not been caught, Penny found her forever home in the process. She’s about to live her best puppy life!” Dave Bautista best known for his Drax the Destroyer role is about to start filming for GOTG3. This will be the last time we’ll see him like this. However, he will reprise his role in two more films- Thor: Love and Thunder and  The GOTG Holiday Special.

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