Grant Gustin, the face behind the famous superhero series The Flash rose to prominence with his role. The actor’s career skyrocketed with a nine-season superhero TV series that premiered in October 2014 with a record-breaking viewership of 4.8 million. Grant Gustin’s The Flash ended in 2023 after a nine-season run with 184 episodes.

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Actor Grant Gustin

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After hanging his boots on the sets of The Flash, Grant Gustin is making a comeback into mainstream cinema with his upcoming movie Puppy Love. The movie deals with two people who can’t stand each other, but end up falling for each other with the help of their pets. He would be seen alongside Lucy Hale.

Grant Gustin Is Back With A Dog Drama Puppy Love

Grant Gustin is coming back with the movie Puppy Love which also stars Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale. The movie would be aired on Amazon Freevee. It is inspired by BuzzFeed’s viral digital series Puppyhood released in 2015. Puppy Love is produced by BuzzFeed Studios via the company’s deal with Lionsgate. Grant Gustin’s upcoming movie was shot in Canada last summer, as both the actors posted on their social media after wrapping up the movie together with no further detail.

In the movie Puppy Love, after a disastrous first date, Nicole played by Lucy Hale, and socially-anxious Max played by Grant Gustin promise to lose each other’s numbers and not to be in contact. With the twist of events, they end up learning that their little furry babies have ended up falling for each other and are a love match. The mismatched duo Nicole and Max are left with no choice but to come together and become responsible co-parents to their dogs and gradually end up finding love in each other.

Grant Gustin

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The movie’s star-studded supporting cast includes- Jane Seymour, Michael Hitchcock, and Nore Davis. Grant Gustin’s Puppy Love is produced by Jason Moring and executive produced by Richard Alan Reid, Josh Etting, Jonah Peretti, and Brian Etting. Puppy Love is directed by Reid and Nicholas Fabiano and written by Greg Glienna,  Dan Scheinkman,  Peter Stass, Kirsten Guenther, and Reid. The Freevee Original movie would be aired on the free, ad-supported streaming platform this summer. The upcoming movie would also be available to rent or own digitally on its debut date.

Grant Gustin On Playing The Flash Again

Grant Gustin has been the face behind The Flash for nine seasons. The Flash first premiered in October 2014. The ninth season of the superhero series got over in March 2023. During an interview with the media outlet Entertainment Weekly, The Flash star Grant Gustin spoke about the role that gave him recognition in the entertainment industry and how he will always be ready to play Barry Allen. The actor said-

“I’m not going to say I’m hanging it up for good. I have no idea what the future holds. And not even Flash-related — so many people would ask what I wanted to do when this chapter was over, and how I probably wouldn’t want to do superhero things again, but no, I grew up a fan of this genre. I love this genre, I love sci-fi stuff, and I love superhero stuff, so I would be open to doing any superhero thing again, Flash or something else, as long as it was a character I was excited about. I would honestly love for someone to call me about some Flash-related thing at some point down the line.”

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Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash

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According to the 33-year-old actor, the character of Barry Allen aka The Flash would always be close to his heart. He further mentioned-

“Regardless of whether I put the suit on again or not — and I love this — I’ll be associated with the character for the rest of my life. No matter what else I do in my career, this will probably be the thing that I’m most recognized for, just because of the impact of the character in the suit. And that has nothing to do with me. That’s just the character’s legacy. So, anybody who wants to call me about the Flash, I will take the phone call and hear them out.”

The Glee actor even said that whenever he gets the opportunity of playing some other superhero not connected with the Flash, he would always want to trade it with Barry Allen’s The Flash.

Source: Deadline


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