While most movies top the box office charts for being exceptionally great in plot, acting, and overall narrative, there are some that go viral for the wrong reasons. There are times when the masses are so intrigued by the failure of a movie that they want to see what exactly went wrong.

The same seems to have happened with Madame Web as the Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson starrer Marvel movie failed to gain public support during its theatrical run, but it reportedly topped the charts on OTT platform Netflix.

Madame Web Reaches Number 1 Spot on Netflix

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson in Madame Web

While Madame Web was an anticipated project in its early days, the expectations soon deteriorated as they learned more about the narrative the film was trying to stitch. As the trailers dropped, so did fans’ hopes for getting a movie that put Marvel back on the map. The Sydney Sweeney movie eventually got added to the long-running list of Marvel’s failed projects that could not reignite the fandom’s love for superhero movies.

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However, a dull theatrical run did not stop Madame Web from reaching the top spot on Netflix’s streaming charts. Fans seem to be intrigued by the movie’s performance and want to see what the fuss is all about. On the other hand, it could also be that they missed the movie in theatres and actually want to enjoy the movie in the comfort of their homes.


Nonetheless, some fans seem to be annoyed by this turn of events as they believe that Marvel will grab onto this sliver of hope and create a sequel for Madame Web. While the negative comments seem to make up most of the tweets on the post, there are some who genuinely liked the film and don’t understand why Madame Web is unnecessarily hated.

Whatever the reason, it seems like the Sony-Marvel movie got the redemption it sought as fans are heading to Netflix to experience the magic of Cassandra Web and Julia Cornwall.

Why Did Madame Web Fail at the Box Office?

Madame Web
Dakota Johnson as Cassie Web in Madame Web | Credits: Sony Pictures

The reasons for Madame Web not getting enough attention during its theatrical run are many. The primary reason is its disconnect from the burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it may have been a smart move to keep it separate and see how the movie performs, it eventually became counterintuitive as fans were not interested in watching a movie that did not contribute to the overarching universe.

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Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney in Madame Web
Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney in Madame Web

On the other hand, some fans felt that the writing in terms of story and dialogue felt awkward and dull, making the movie unbearable to get through. Had the filmmakers stuck to the comic book character and tried to add to the rich backstory of Cassandra Web, the movie could have had a shot at success. There were so many aspects that could have been added to make the story more engaging. Anyhow, the movie’s streaming success gives the filmmakers something to celebrate.

Madame Web is now streaming on Netflix.

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