Even though Madame Web is having difficulty engaging fans, it’s worth noting how many superhero movies Dakota Johnson’s film sets up. But before you delve into the possibilities of three MCU superhero movies, know there are spoilers ahead!

Madame Web
Madame Web

It’s been a day since Madame Web was released, and fans took no time to criticize almost every element of the film. From confusing narratives to stale performances, Johnson’s film is finding it hard to captivate fans. However, despite that, Madame Web sets up the potential for three MCU films, featuring Spider-Women and Spider-Girl, and the remaining two focusing on a Spider-Man and a new live-action for the web-slinger.

Madame Web Sets Up Three Exciting MCU Superhero Movies

Dakota Johnson‘s film ended with loose ends, and as expected, it sets up three different Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. While viewers complain about the confusing and poor quality of Madame Web, it allows us to examine the next films that are expected to arrive.

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Madame Web makes room for three superhero movies
Madame Web makes room for three superhero movies

Apart from Johnson’s Cassandra Webb, the film also features three teenage girls – Julia Cornwall, Mattie Franklin, and Anya Corazon. However, Madame Web didn’t reveal two significant aspects: how the girls acquired their powers and obtain their superhero costumes. And not to forget that their origin story also remained a secret. These details hint at the potential for a spinoff, discovering the fundamental elements.

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The other two films that Madame Web points at are a Spider-Man film and a new live-action Spider-Man movie. In the last fight with Ezekiel Sims, Dakota Johnson’s character ends up being paralyzed and blind, aligning with the Marvel comics, making room for the potential three films. However, Madame Web has created timeline questions, but since it’s separated from the Venom Universe, there are high chances for a new origin story for Spider-Man.

Will Dakota Johnson Return as Madame Web in Future Projects?

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

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Now that fans have seen Madame Web aligning with the Marvel comics, there are questions about whether she would return as the superhero in a sequel. When asked about reprising her role, Dakota Johnson expressed enthusiasm and stated that if the makers plan on expanding the story, she would love to play Cassandra again. According to Digital Spy, the actress said:

“There is so much I would like to look at. If they want me to come back, then I will.”

However, the negative reception of Madame Web became a huge barrier in crafting a sequel to it, and even the director SJ Clarkson hasn’t thought of another project yet. She added:

“If I had clairvoyance I would tell you [what she’d want to explore in a sequel]. I’ve not long finished the film, so I’m going to put it out there in the world and see what happens.”

So, Madame Webb’s return is uncertain, but Johnson’s film has left the room open for the other three actresses who played Spider-Women and Spider-Girl in the film. Currently, there’s no confirmation when these superhero films will come out, but since they have introduced the characters, their origin stories are highly significant.

Madame Web is in theatres now.

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