The galaxy is not for the faint of heart: there are creatures, bounty hunters, and cosmic criminals lurking around every corner, offering a continuous threat. So, surviving in the vast reaches of the cosmic side of the Marvel universe necessitates strong personalities, particularly in the world of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Throughout the campaign, the Guardians of the Galaxy are continuously confronted with opponents and friends that rival or outperform them in terms of might. This begs the question, who is the game’s most strong characters? That means only genuine characters – no animals like the Dweller-In-Darkness or Wendigos.

1. Groot

guardians of the galaxy marvel groot hd wallpaper preview
GOTG- Groot

Groot is luckily such a laid-back and gentle being; else, he might easily take over a world. Groot already possesses enormous strength and inherent healing skills, and he is one of many Marvel heroes that are wiser than they look.

Groot’s dominance over plant life, particularly his vine-like roots, is what makes him deadly. Groot’s abilities, such as uprooting and tangling adversaries, are merely a small part of what he is capable of. Knowing these qualities allows everyone to appreciate Groot’s endearing and childlike demeanor.

2. Gamora

HD wallpaper comics gamora guardians of the galaxy marvel comics
GOTG – Gamora

Thanos nurtured and trained Gamora to be “the Deadliest Woman In The Galaxy” even without her sword. She’s quick, nimble, and strong enough to defend herself against hundreds of adversaries. That number is tripled with the sword.

The greatest analogy, which Star-Lord offers in his notes, is that Gamora is similar to a ninja but far more deadly. She is capable of taking on numerous formidable adversaries with rapid and accurate attacks that can bring down even some of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy’s toughest foes.

3. Star-Lord

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GOTG: Star-Lord

Star-Lord is a surprisingly powerful character, wielding his distinctive Element Guns, one of the greatest weapons in the GOTG game. Young Peter Quill not only adapted to space in order to live, but he is also the son of J’Son, King of Spartax. Even without his equipment, it elevates Star-Lord above the typical human.

Having said that, equipment like the aforementioned Element Guns gifted by his father and his hover boots allow him to gain an advantage in combat. He can hover over his adversaries and run at high speeds, and his guns shoot varied elemental bullets as well as strong laser blasts. On top of that, he wears a visor that can benefit him in a variety of ways.

4. Drax

drax dave bautista 759
GOTG: Drax

Overall, Drax is a powerful and valiant warrior, despite not being the most intelligent person in the cosmos. According to the storyline of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax was the one who killed Thanos during the Galactic War, and killing the Mad Titan is no easy task.

Drax demonstrates his sheer power throughout the game, capable of lifting enormous parts of the environment to assist Star-Lord or even flinging foes across an arena. As an added bonus, Drax wields his Katathian daggers, which appear to be able to puncture anything.

5. Cosmo

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy trailer for Cosmo a talking
GOTG: Cosmo

At first sight, this golden retriever appears to be nothing more than a dog dressed in a spacesuit. Cosmo, on the other hand, is no ordinary dog: he is the superintendent of Knowhere, and he holds this position due to his superior psychic powers, which match those of Professor X of the X-Men.

Cosmo easily incapacitated both the Guardians and the Blood Brothers at the same time. Cosmo was later able to utilize his skills to float the Guardians into the air while under the influence of the Church. Finally, Cosmo and his puppies gained control of Knowhere and used it to assault the Sacrosanct.

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