Halloween 2 is known to underuse Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, but Halloween Kills has managed to ruin the character even worse than its 1981 sequel. Helmed by David Gordon, Halloween Kills is a prequel to the 2018s Halloween, making it the third installment in the franchise. The movie by Green depicts the conflict between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode which wiped Halloween 2 other sequels that followed thereafter. Like Halloween 2, Halloween Kills restrains Laurie to Haddonfield hospital for most of the film.

The Plot of Halloween 2

Jamie Lee Curtis In Halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis In Halloween

Halloween 2 picks up the events that closed out John Carpenter’s 1978 original, with Myers on the run after being shot by his doctor, Dr. Sam Loomis. However, Laurie is taken to the hospital after surviving an encounter with “The Shape.” The sequel for Halloween deepened the link between Strode and Laurie, by making them siblings, something the last few sequels have retconned. In Halloween 2, she was kept inside a hospital bed before she wandered the dark halls of the hospital to hide from her brother.

After she was stabbed to the abdomen at the end of Halloween (2018), Laurie’s daughter Karen and granddaughter, Allyson, ensured that Laurie was rushed to the Haddonfield hospital. Lauri’s role in Halloween Kills is important, but Curtis doesn’t have the front lines work as she had in the last Halloween film. In fact, she never faces Michael in this sequel.

What to expect from Halloween Kills?

A still from Halloween Kills
A still from Halloween Kills

Unlike Halloween 2, the action in Halloween Kills moves to Haddonfield hospital. Laurie survives her surgery as one of the key members of the investigation while the Haddonfield police converge to the hospital. Laurie learns of Myers’ survival after a fiery trap set for him, she prepares herself for yet another fight. Laurie’s health and disapproval by Karen prevent Laurie from leaving the hospital. Despite all the motivations, Laurie never gets a chance to leave the hospital, to end an evil that has haunted her family for more than 40 years.

Take make things worse, Laurie doesn’t get a chance to reunite with some key figures that returned in Halloween Kills. Apart from Tommy Doyle, Halloween Kills sees the return of Lindsey Wallace, Marion Chambers, and Leigh Brackett.

It is given that the successful ending for Halloween Kills ends up successfully for yet another showdown between Michael Myers and Laurie. With the body count increasing drastically and with more people close to Laurie no more, the surviving Strode women will have to stop the madness. As the final film in the trilogy, Halloween Ends will team up Laurie and Allyson. It has been hinted by Laurie that she and Myers need to end to die to end this show of horror.

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