The magical world of Harry Potter, written by J.K Rowling has been at the heart of millions of kids and adults across the globe. Its interesting ideas revolving around magical creatures, whimsical spells, and epic battles between good and evil have never stopped amazing people at any point. The cinematic adaption of this story has indeed brought many magical creatures and figures to the real-life given faces to all the names that everyone had read. Although there is indeed one animal that the creators of the movie left out which was the enigmatic and disturbing Skrewts.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

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The creators of Harry Potter were too scared to bring Skrewts onto the screen

Even though the movie of Harry Potter did absolute justice to its books, it was not able to include every minute detail in the stories. Just like the events even many magical creatures were omitted in the movies.

One such magical creature was Skrewts who has introduced in the books. Anyone who has read J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire might have read the vivid description of the magical creature Skrewts who was created by Hagrid.

Harry Potter Skrewt
Harry Potter Skrewt

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Skrewts are a hybrid creature that is a crossbreed of a manticore and a fire-breathing creature. This creature possesses a scorpion-like body and a peculiar unsettling odor. During his class on Care of Magical Creatures, Hagrid created this magical creature which of course added to the unexpected challenge for both the teachers and students.

Even though fans enjoyed the appearance of this creature in the book Harry Potter, they were not able to enjoy the on-screen appearance of the Skrewt as the creators did not dare to add this terrifying beast of the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter TV series

At its Max streaming program earlier this year, Warner Bros. Discovery announced a new surprise for their Harry Potters Fans. The company announced that they will be introducing a TV series which will be based on all seven books about the wizard world aka Harry Potter.

HBO upcoming TV series Poster
HBO’s upcoming TV series Poster

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These Max original series are expected to be on air in 2025/26 under Warner Bros. Talking about this the CEO and Chairman, of HBO & Max Content Casey Bloys said: “This new Max Original series will dive deep into each of the iconic books that fans have continued to enjoy for all of these years.”  The CEO also assured that the company will be doing a faithful adaption of the books keeping up with the fans’ expectations.

As the new Harry Potter TV series makes its way to the streaming platform, let’s hope at least this time we will be able to see all the creatures and details which were missed in the movies.

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