Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of the most talked about couples in the tinsel town. The celebrity couple’s love life is no less than a fairy tale. They met in 2002 and started dating during the filming of the movie Gigli. They went on to become the hottest couple in Hollywood and even planned to get married in 2003, but they postponed their wedding which even led to their breakup in 2004.

Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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However, they came back together in 2021, got engaged in 2022, and later got married in July 2022. Despite all the ups and downs the couple still makes headlines with their awkward public appearances.

Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Hates Being A Full-Time Housewife

Jennifer Lopez is a perfect example of beauty with brains. The singer-turned-actor is an entrepreneur and comes under the list of one of the most bankable personalities in Hollywood. According to an input shared by a source close to the Maid In Manhattan star with the media outlet Heat World, she hates being a full-time housewife, managing kids and Ben Affleck as she needs some me time for herself. the source said-

 “It’s been a long time since Jen got to kick back and enjoy a solo night out and, in hindsight, she sees that it was something she was seriously lacking in her life for way too long.’

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

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The source further informed-

“She’s not a person who enjoys being a full-time housewife – which, ironically, is the life Ben left behind when he divorced Jennifer. He’d moan back then that he craved excitement and spontaneity – which is what he gets now – but he can’t seem to handle it.”

After getting married and living under the same roof, the actor couple has been battling rumors concerning their relationship and marriage. Irrespective of their awkward public outing both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have always amazed their fans with their PDA on social media and supporting one another.

Jennifer Lopez Has Decoded The Formula For A Successful Marriage

Having been married for almost a year, both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been in the spotlight concerning the speculations around their marriage. According to a report by the media outlet Heat World, the Ain’t Your Mamma singer has found the formula for a happy married life with her husband Ben Affleck. As per the input provided by an insider, Jennifer Lopez left Ben Affleck to spend some time in New York City at the reputed Fashion Week this month. The insider mentioned-

“Jen has stopped acting so needy and started to enjoy the space they have had lately. It’s opened her eyes to how much fun she can have without Ben. Especially as he can be such an awkward bore at these events. She’ll spend time with him soon enough, but catching up with her family and fashion friends on the east coast has been a breath of fresh air.”

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

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The insider further added-

“These are the people who Ben would roll his eyes at and cross the street to avoid, but Jen loves sipping cocktails with the fash-pack without worrying that Ben will disapprove or be tempted. It’s done them the world of good and she’s not missed him one little bit!”

However, the couple has never spoken about their relationship on social media or in public. Speculations around their relationship and married life have always made headlines. Irrespective of the rumors floating from the tinsel town, the couple has only grown stronger together.

Source: Heat World

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