Johnny Depp has had a successful cinematic career by being part of many successful franchises. The actor has cemented himself at the peak of Hollywood with the iconic franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. The 60-year-old’s life behind the camera has been just as interesting and has drawn roughly the same amount of attention. Even though having a long career in Hollywood, the actor has been away from the silver screen for a while, the reason being his famous defamation trial.

Johnny Depp speaks out at Cannes Film Festival
Johnny Depp

Depp has garnered negative attention, and his name has become synonymous with his legal battle with Amber Heard. The actor has made a comeback in the industry but has been more focused on his music career. The Edward Scissorhands actor with music icon Alice Cooper has been touring in recent months. Copper recently touched on his relationship with Johnny Depp and revealed how the actor feels about his Hollywood career.

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Alice Cooper reveals grave details about Johnny Depp and his acting career

Johnny Depp's Enjoying A New Career Outside Hollywood, with Alice Cooper
Johnny Depp with Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp and music legend Alice Cooper have been close friends for a long time. During the infamous defamation trial, Cooper stood by the 60-year-old actor and defended him several times. The duo became close due to their love for music. They are members of the supergroup Hollywood Vampires and have been touring for a while.

Cooper recently sat down with The Times to talk about his relationship with Depp. He revealed how the Edward Scissorhands actor feels about his Hollywood career. 

The Pirates of the Caribbean star had a successful acting career. He has been part of the industry for a long time. Given the time Depp has been in front of the camera, it makes sense that he’s accustomed to seeing himself in the films. However, Cooper revealed some grave details contrasting the above statement. He said,

“Johnny is a good guitarist and in a way, he would have been happiest doing that, playing side of stage in a band and not having to deal with the level of attention he gets. He just happens to be a really good actor. He has never seen a single one of his movies.”

The musician’s comments are not surprising because Johnny Depp has already indicated that he doesn’t particularly enjoy watching his films. The 60-year-old feels like his time spent on any particular project ends once he’s wrapped filming, and that means avoiding the movie when it’s released.

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Johnny Depp returned to the silver screen with Jeanne du Barry

Johnny Depp in Jeanne du Barry

Due to his amazing acting career, Johnny Depp has spent most of his years in the media. His reputation was damaged when his ex-wife Amber Heard accused him of domestic assault, and as a result, he lost some significant contracts. Although the actor was a part of various popular films and franchises, he was fired from them. 

Following the result of the trial being in favor of the 60-year-old, he made his debut on the silver screen with the French-language drama Jeanne du Barry. The film premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and got a seven-minute standing ovation.

Depp portrays the French king Louis XV. The film focuses on the turbulent connection between the French monarch and Jeanne du Barry, who he invited into the Versailles Palace to live close to him even though she wasn’t a noble.

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Source: The Times

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