Jimmy Kimmel has once again poked fun at Travis Kelce’s financial status in comparison to his billionaire girlfriend, pop icon Taylor Swift. Despite the NFL star recently signing a lucrative $34.5 million contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs, Kimmel couldn’t resist cracking jokes about how that massive sum is essentially just “gum money” to Swift.

During the April 30th episode of his late-night talk show, Kimmel acknowledged Kelce’s new deal that makes him the highest-paid player at his position. However, the host then quipped about Kelce still being the “broke boyfriend” in his relationship with Swift, who has recently joined the elite club of billionaires.

Jimmy Kimmel speaks about Travis Kelce
Jimmy Kimmel speaks about Travis Kelce | Credits: Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube

While $34 million is an incredible amount, it is not much in comparison to Swift’s net worth, which, according to Forbes, is a staggering $1.1 billion. The pop icon recently became one of the world’s newest billionaires with her record-breaking Eras Tour and discography.

Jimmy Kimmel Takes a Dig at Travis Kelce While Praising Taylor Swift’s Dominance

U.S. Air National Guard Airman 1st Class meets Travis Kelce
U.S. Air National Guard Airman 1st Class meets Travis Kelce | Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Jimmy Kimmel initially praised the NFL star but couldn’t hold himself much from taking a dig later. During the recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, he said,

“Congratulations to Travis Kelce. Travis Kelce signed a two-year contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is now the highest-paid tight end in the NFL. The new contract is worth $34 million, or as Taylor Swift calls it, gum money. Can you imagine being in a relationship where you make $34 million and you’re still the broke boyfriend?”

After getting into a few relationship digs at Kelce’s expense, Kimmel shifted gears to praise Taylor Swift. He applauded her for being the first artist in history to occupy all of the top 14 spots on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. The host also noted the album’s astonishing streaming numbers, as 29 of the 31 tracks on her new album are in the top 50. Kimmel said,

“I feel like Taylor Swift at this point, if she wanted to, could win the Kentucky Derby.” 

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Taylor Swift on tour
Taylor Swift on tour | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/ Ronald Woan

According to reports, Swift has earned over $500 million from music royalties and tours alone. Her first six albums were estimated to be worth around $400 million back in 2019, which must have grown substantially since.

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Swift made $190 million after taxes from just the first phase of the Eras Tour and another $35 million from screenings of the film in the first two weeks. According to Bloomberg, the Fortnite singer made more than $700 million in ticket sales and $225 million with her merchandise in 2023. Her new deal with Universal Music Group’s Republic Records definitely helps her in this as she now has complete ownership of her music.

Travis Kelce Still Thrilled With New NFL Contract

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Erik Drost

Despite Kimmel’s jokes, Travis Kelce is surely over the moon about his new deal. The extension keeps him in Kansas City through 2025 at an average of $17.125 million per year, the highest annual salary ever for his position.

After the contract was announced, Kelce celebrated on social media. In a video shared on the Chiefs’ TikTok account, the tight end said,

“Back at it again baby! Had to see a little Super Bowl right there man! Feels good to be in KC. I remember coming here 12 years ago man. It’s an honor and a pleasure and I can’t wait to get after it these next two years.”

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The 34-year-old is still performing at an elite level, having just come off another stellar season capped by a second Super Bowl title with MVP honors. While he may never approach billionaire status like his girlfriend, Kelce’s new $34 million payday cements him among the NFL’s highest-paid stars.

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