Chris Hemsworth is notably known for his impressive physique and muscular build, particularly in his role as Thor, he prominently showcases his dedication to fitness for his roles. He undergoes various physical transformations, ranging from bulking up to leaning out, in response to the projects. His commitment to being fit for different roles sets him apart from many others in Hollywood. In this case, the actor who focused on building muscles to portray the Norse God wanted to reduce it for his latest hit, Extraction 2.

Extraction 2 demanded athleticism over aesthetics

Chris Hemsworth is known for his strong dedication to maintaining his physical appearance and his willingness to adapt his body to fit the demands of each role. In preparation for his recent hit, Extraction 2, Hemsworth and his trainer made some adjustments to the training regime. Like the actor who previously focused on bulging biceps and muscles for his Thor characters, Hemsworth recognized the necessity of revamping his physique for his role in Extraction 2. 

 Chris Hemsworth working out
Chris Hemsworth

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Hemsworth and his trainer, Luke Zocchi, understood that Extraction 2 required greater athleticism and endurance due to its intense stunts and action sequences, as the actor shared in GQ magazine, 

“Thor required me to come in and look a certain way, and it was mostly, sort of, aesthetic bodywork, whereas  Extraction 2 there was a far greater athleticism needed,”

Hemsworth has turned 40, and his trainer, Zocchi, highlighted that, unlike Thor, Extraction 2 required a lot of physically involved scenes and actions. Since they had to change the approach, instead of pushing for more intensity, they centered the training session on recovery and taking care of his body.

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Lean physique prioritized over bulky muscles for Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth, Luke Zocchi, and Bobby Holland Hanton

To meet the requirements, they sought the guidance of Michal Novotny. The professor in the Master of Sports Physiotherapy at the European University of Madrid, who also works with the Czech Republic national team, treated Hermworth as a professional athlete. Following the training regime,  Zocchi recalls, they incorporated specific exercises and stretches to improve his flexibility for extraction.

For Extraction 2, instead of focusing on building muscles, the goal was to achieve a linear physics that provided the actor with flexibility in performing stunts and maintained his durability throughout the film. “He needed to not have such big muscles,” Novotn tells GQ.

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 Chris Hemsworth training
Chris Hemsworth while workout

The Czech coach made small but significant changes to Hemsworth’s routine. He recommended smaller and more defined biceps and said that they should work in conjunction with other muscle groups as well, such as the deltoids and abdominals, to avoid excessive bulk. The regime emphasized muscles in the chain rather than isolated specific muscles.

“It’s important to work the biceps along with the upright deltoids in the fly position.” “It’s not to have bigger biceps, but the opposite. Hemsworth wanted to have smaller, more defined biceps.”

Next, Novotny incorporated the punctum fixum (holding point), while Hemsworth worked with biceps and weights to improve his connection between the core muscles and the biceps, increasing strength and stability.

“I also wanted to improve the punctum fixum (holding point) of the biceps on the core muscles.” “Here the idea is to work biceps contractions together with contractions on core muscles. That means I put him into static core positions while working his biceps using weights.”

Extraction 2, hits blockbuster success grossing millions

Finally, for the dynamic core exercise, which includes lateral steps and lunges that work along with the biceps, resistance bands were used to add resistance and challenge different muscle groups. Hemsworth’s training for Extraction—a shift from bulking up to leaning out—reaped the rewards of his labor.

A still of Chris Hemsworth in Extraction2
Chris Hemsworth in Extraction2

The movie Extraction 2 turned out to be a highly successful hit. With a $70 million budget and liner script compared to its predecessor, the movie grossed $293 million making it the most-watched original film on Netflix in the opening weekend. With its gripping actions and stirring performances of Hemsworth, the movie became one of the most entertaining and thrilling movies in recent years.

Extraction 2 is streaming on Netflix

Source: GQ magazine 


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