Director Spike Lee who is lauded for his incredible contribution to the world of cinematic masterpieces revealed that Christopher Nolan’s recent work in Oppenheimer could have appealed to him more if the director had made a few improvements.

Director Spike Lee
Director Spike Lee

Christopher Nolan’s recent summer blockbuster that came along with Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is one of the best historical epics and received enormous acclaim from critics and fans. Despite these incredible reviews, Spike Lee believes that Nolan could have incorporated the post-event consequences in his masterpiece.

Director Spike Lee’s Opinion on Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

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Christopher Nolan‘s work in Oppenheimer has been crowned the best biographical epic ever made on World War II. The director did not fail to make every aspect of the film worth watching- from its engaging way of storytelling to its star-studded cast. However, Academy Award winner Spike Lee offered constructive feedback on Nolan’s work.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the Malcolm X director Spike Lee engaged in a thorough analysis of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. Lee emphasized the aftermath of the atomic blast on the people of Japan especially the ones in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The director said:

“If it’s three hours, I would like to add some more minutes about what happened to the Japanese people. People got vapourized. Many years later, people are radioactive. It’s not like he didn’t have power. He tells studios what to do. I would have loved to have the end of the film maybe show what it did, dropping those two nuclear bombs on Japan. Understand, this is all love. “

The director shared that Nolan could have exceeded a few more minutes to the three-hour-long biographical film that incorporated the consequences faced by the people who were bombed. This could have contributed to the major parts of the movie that showed the individuals being vaporized and the health conditions that are still faced by the Japanese due to the atomic bomb’s radiation and the lasting impact of the chain reaction within the country.

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Spike Lee’s Comments Are Made Out of Love and Respect

Oppenheimer Movie

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Many might believe that the Inside Man director criticized Christopher Nolan for his historical epic, but this isn’t the case. Spike Lee is a fan of Nolan who acknowledged him as an incredible filmmaker.

The Oldboy director merely implied the potential improvement in the film’s narrative by incorporating the consequences. Lee added in the same interview:

“And Chris Nolan with Oppenheimer, you know, he’s a massive filmmaker. Great film. I showed [Dunkirk] in my class. And this is not a criticism. It’s a comment.”

Lee emphasizes that these comments are made out of love and respect and believes Nolan is an exceptional director. he also stated:

“And I bet he could tell me some things he would change about Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X.”

The He Got Game director looks forward to receiving Christopher Nolan’s feedback on his crafted work, especially in Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X.

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