Actors and celebrities are loved not just for their eminent performances on screen but even for their offscreen personalities. One thing that redefines the characteristics of a renowned personality is their way of handling their authentic self in public. So when it comes to the quintessential adored personality, Keanu Reeves is the name that comes to our minds. Reeves’ compassion, generosity, and unostentatious nature, as well as natural acting skills, break the internet from time to time. 

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves should retire

Although his perception of life is appreciated, he is also considered too nice for his dark and serious roles in Hollywood. Netizens are yet again pointing out how, oftentimes Keanu Reeves is seen on screen playing the roles of police, hacker, assassin, and exorcist. The Internet seems to claim Reeves should retire than play the role of a ruthless assassin. 

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Keanu Reeves’ Ruthless Onscreen Roles

Keanu Reeves, the Canadian actor, known for his breakthrough role as Ted Logan, the time-traveling slacker from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) is one of the greatest Hollywood stars of all time. Appearing in movies, TV series, and video games, Reeves made his way to fame, through different challenging roles. 

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves with Sandra Bullock

With his debut in 1985, in One Step Away, Keanu Reeves appeared mostly in crime and thriller shows as well as movies. Getting his big break from the late 90s, Reeves appeared alongside Oscar winner Sandra Bullock in the action thriller Speed. Followed by the critical success of the film, the actor got several other roles which worked well for him, until he got his ultimate fame from his role in Matrix. Tables turned for his career when he played the role of a hacker in the million-dollar movie. 

Further, Reeves was offered the profound roles of a police officer, titular assassin, and exorcist. Oftentimes cast as a serious character for his intellectual look, the 58-year-old is known among his fans for his soft and sweet nature, the complete opposite of his onscreen characters.

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Keanu Reeves’ Assassin Role Breaks The Internet

Despite being appreciated for his acting skills, philanthropic nature, and humble personality, a new Twitter thread is calling negative attention to Keanu Reeves. The trend of getting Reeves to retire from his serious roles has been going on for years. But somehow not just fans, even Reeves proves them all wrong with his nail-biting roles. 

Keanu Reeves
Fans point out Keanu Reeves’ bad acting

People are gathering on Twitter to point out how the actor must retire from doing any more assassin films. Keanu Reeves yet again breaks the internet, for people are again starting the trend of bringing him down. 

Although fans of Reeves come together to point out the otherworldliness in his performances which tend to have a declamatory quality, critics seem to point out how Reeves’ acting skills have degraded over the years. 

Twitteratis claim that the 58-year-old is failing to act in his serious roles because his true nature is intervening. People on Twitter were seen coming at the actor pointing out his deteriorated acting skills. 

The inscrutability portrayed by Keanu Reeves onscreen is a revelatory gift that shows his dedication to his acting, despite being a totally different person in real life. Fans point out how people are simply getting confused between fiction and reality, where there are trying to find similarities between his onscreen and offscreen personality. 

Fans claim no matter how many times critics point out the lack of relevance between Reeves’ serious roles and his personality, the actor shall keep astonishing through his movies. Although people want him to retire, his fans claim, Keanu Reeves just like his character John Wick is not very good at retiring, but pretty good at the work he is known for. 

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