T.J. Holmes is a journalist and an American television personality. The personality is well-known for being a CNN and ABC News correspondent. He also recently joined Good Morning America alongside Amy Robach. Lately, he has been in the headlines for his improper workplace behavior. His workplace relationships keep bringing him trouble. First with co-host Amy Robach and now with an ABC script correspondent.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s extramarital affair or as they like to call it “consensual workplace relationship” allegedly was the reason for GMA3’s suspension.

TJ Holmes
TJ Holmes

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Taking a look at T.J. Holmes’ alleged affairs

T.J. Holmes was married to his second wife Marilee Fiebig in 2010. Things took a turn when he joined GMA3 along with Amy Robach and ended up being attracted to her immediately.

Amy Robach told PEOPLE  a few years back, how the T.J. Holmes and then-wife went on double dates with Amy Robach and her husband.

“The moment he started at ABC, I think we just clicked. We’ve gone on tons of double dates with our spouses, and my daughters babysit his daughters.”

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes
Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes

She further added on the topic of their friendship by saying,

“Basically, he’s like my brother,–We just can finish each other’s sentences. We get along so well. It’s so wonderful to have, again, it’s that trust, and you don’t always have that on the set. But I know no matter what I do or say, he’s got my back and vice versa, and that’s everything.”

Well, things apparently did not remain the same after that. Her statement now is quite ironic as the two were seen spending quality time together on a vacation in upstate New York. As a result of this, the two are now completely removed from the show.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes were spotted kissing in Miami
Robach and Holmes were spotted kissing in Miami

However, it is now out that, T.J. Holmes might have also cheated on Amy Robach with an ABC script coordinator. In a recent Daily Mail article, an anonymous source made some shocking revelations about the journalist.

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T.J. Holmes alleged affair with an intern

In an exclusive reveal with Daily Mail, an anonymous but well-trusted source spoke about T.J. Holmes’ alleged disturbing behaviors. Keeping in mind the timeline, this all happened when T.J. Holmes was married to Marilee Fiebig and was allegedly was also cheating on her with his co-host. Although the pair was seen romantic publically much later. It is speculated that the fling was very much present. Amidst everything, he has had intercourse multiple times in his office with Jasmin Pettaway.

The source said,

“It was Jasmin’s first real job in television, and it was a big deal for her. She was looking for a mentor and she reached out to several people. T.J was someone who was responsive, but he absolutely abused the position of trust”

He allegedly used the power of his position to lure Pettaway. The source claimed,

“He was a predator who took full advantage of his position, and he was reckless.”

Jasmin Pettaway
Jasmin Pettaway

Jasmin Pettaway was a 24-year-old intern at ABC at the time and turned to Holmes for guidance. Holmes and Pettaway often had the same shifts and enjoyed drinks together. He did not even bother to put his wedding ring aside when things got a bit out of control. It continued on for several months before things “fizzled out”. Jasmin Pettaway was very confused the first time “it” happened and where it will lead her. She shared her experiences with this source. And it looked like although it was two consenting adults, the environment he created almost forced her or put expectations on her to do certain things.

T.J. Holmes’ as well as Jasmin Pettaway’s team refused to comment on the matter.

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Source: Daily Mail

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