Canadian singer Justin Bieber is among those celebrities who are not only popular for their work but also for their controversies. A great singer and musician, Justin Bieber got worldwide attention at a very young age. Many think that this is the reason why he is always surrounded by so many controversies and scandals.

Well, today’s news is not that controversial as this is not something that has happened for the first time with the singer. The singer posted a story on his Instagram story apologizing to a man for making inappropriate comments on his account.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber’s Apology to the Anonymous Fan

Yesterday Justin Bieber shared a story on his Instagram account. In this story, he apologized to a fan for making absurd comments about his post. He commented ‘sad existence’ on his page.

Justin Bieber said in the post that he is sorry to that man for saying something harsh. He also said, “Not sure why I feel the need to write that. If he was doing something that makes him happy, who am I to say anything.”

The singer further wrote that he hopes he did not hurt his feelings and said sorry to him. There is no mention or the name of the person he is apologizing to, so no one knows who that person is.

Justin Bieber's Apology on Instagram
Justin Bieber’s Apology on Instagram

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Justin Bieber being Rude to Fans

As we all know this is not the first time when Bieber has apologized for his behavior. There are multiple cases where e was rude to his fans and later apologized for his actions. Many fans even called out him for his behavior. This has caused a lot of trouble for the singer.

What the post could really mean?

Every time Justin Bieber did or said something rude to his fans, many of them called out the singer for his actions. But somehow this time no one was able to find out where did he comment and whose account or the page was this.

No one is aware of who this man was where did he say something like this? As for the singer himself, he has received an immense amount of hate not only for his songs, and behavior but also for the things related to his personal life.

Many claim that this is because he got his name and fame from a young age and did not know how to handle all this. A line in his story, “who am I to say anything” hints toward the hate comments he has received over the years, calling out haters for making absurd comments about him and his personal life.

The story clearly indicates not to interfere in others’ life by doing something that they like to do. What do you think the story indicates?

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